Saturday, August 6, 2016

Canadian Road Signs

I love Canada. It's a beautiful country with nice people. Depending on how our next Presidential election goes, I may move there.  :-)

Our neighbor to the North is, however, a little mysterious. There are things in Canada I don't understand. For example, I didn't know what poutine was until I tried it -- and now it's my favorite bad food.

An American traveler recently posted pictures of road signs he saw in Canada. Their meaning was unknown to him. Looking at them, I have no clue what they mean. Do you?


  1. Ha ha! I love these : )

    That first one I think may be a joke.

    Let me see how well I do...

    #2 construction trucks accessing roadway to the right
    #3 bed and breakfast
    #4 paved road turning into gravel road
    #5 handmade pottery or artisanal work
    #6 national park ahead
    #7 never seen this sign before something about farming?


    1. The first sign is not a joke! Quote from the Boston Globe: "I called Sarah Bustard, communications officer in the New Brunswick Department of Finance & Transportation and Infrastructure. With a cheerfulness that would have her summarily fired from any U.S. governmental bureau, she informed me that this is simply a signpost to the 512-km River Valley Scenic Drive, one of five such provincial jaunts recommended by the tourist board and a route that transects some of the most fertile soil for (wait for it) fiddleheads in the Maritimes."

  2. I LOVE signage that is foreign and unfamiliar. These signs strike me as very friendly and homespun so that will be my thematic guideline for interpreation:
    1) Funky Marijuana hybrid field ahead; proceed in good karma.
    2)Yield to fast moving chocolate chip transport trucks crossing at intersection.
    3) Bed or breakfast but you must choose only one at next wayside rest.
    4)pothole alert. SLOW!!!
    5) Baked beans available at road side stand ahead.
    6 Baby beaver zoo next intersection.
    7) World renowned Farmer in the Dell ahead. Two daughters available for matrimony.

  3. I love Canada even more now! How can you not love a country that has special signage to alert us to the presence of lovely ferns!! The maple leaf on the nation's flag is more telling than I'd realized! Oh Canada!! (sigh)

  4. I think #5 means look out above for falling pottery. These are wonderful, xox


    1. I hear plummeting pottery is a big problem in Canada. In Toronto, I was always on the lookout.

  5. The truck sign (trucks have the right of way at that crossing?) is familiar to me, and every Canadian knows that the beaver one is for national parks. I should take a picture of some of the weird signs Victoria has (I know there are a few) for you!

  6. Was Dr Seuss Canadian because the first sign is a sign of madness, and it must be a beaver birthing place? I want to go to Canada to see these for myself.

  7. #1 Man-eating plant up ahead
    #2 Caution, dump trucks driving into walls
    #3 Sleeping people and eggs are greater than nothing
    #4 I shattered my road
    #5 Slow for hover pots
    #6 Flappy Fat Snake Pond
    #7 Old MacDonald Has Two Kids, ee-i-ee-i-o

  8. oh my yep I hear that. Do you know what two loonies for a toonie is hahaha first time I heard that I was like what???

    Allie of

    1. Me, too. The oddity of some Canadian things adds to our pleasure in learning about them.

  9. Ha ha, how interesting! The farmer sign is awesome :)

  10. Love these road signs, and like you, I would also think of moving pending the outcome this election... The first one, um... weed grown here? Or am I just projecting?
    xx, Elle

  11. Hahaha, no clue at all, must be confusing driving around with signs you don't understand, but you made your way back safely.
    P.S. God bless USA, let the best leader for the US win,xx Bing.

  12. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle - these are great! As is the fact that you've discovered the culinary joy that is poutine. If you're a fan of such, I can't recommend making it with sweet potato fries highly enough. It's my favourite version and I fully admit to making it at home at least a couple of times a year.

    ♥ Jessica

  13. They are SOOOO intriguing! I have NO idea what they mean!