Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Notes From The Road

Observed on the road during my recent trip to Beantown:

- Nothing lifts your heart higher than having a little boy wave at you the intense enthusiasm.

- I always experience a primal thrill riding my bike over big bridges. Without a metal cage around your body, you instantly sense the immense scale of the world as you, a tiny dot, pass through it. The world feels majestic and you're lucky travelling through it.

- I find it feminine and irresistibly attractive when women, sitting in a passenger-seat of a car, slip off their shoes and lift their bare or stockinged feet onto the dashboard or window. Extra points for bright nail-polish.

P.S., The above view is famous to anyone who's visited Boston. It's near Kenmore Square with Fenway Park being the building on the right side.


  1. When I see picutres like this I miss the USA! I loved the two roadtrips I made there (one in the West and one in the East)!

    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  2. Yay for your travels!

    And yes, absolutely re: feet on the dashboard. Bryan may disagree with you however on that point, it always drives him nuts when I do this :) XOXO

  3. I would be frightened I think on a bike going over a bridge... but I can also see where in can be enthralling and perfect for the bit of perspective that you describe.

    And I love to put my feet up!
    xx, Elle

  4. You visited my hometown! I'll be up there in June. Glad you enjoyed your trip and had some special take aways aka..bright toe nail polish :)


  5. It's just the sweetest when little kids take an interest in what you're doing (or wearing). Each time a youngster (usually, but not always, a little girl) calls me a "princess", "Barbie", or one of a handful of Disney characters based on how I'm dressed, it always makes my day and instantly melts my heart. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. The little boy waving at you sounds so cute!

  7. Little boys and girls waving always my heart go up. As for legs with bright nailpolish - I always smile when see it and tend to do it myself (when weather is fine)

  8. I love waving back at kids who wave at me ... they always brighten up my day!!!

    Feet on dashboards frighten me as you can get badly hurt.