Saturday, February 20, 2016

Things I Saw Today

A motorcycle isn't really mine until it makes a Hajj to The Big Duck. We did that today in ridiculously-comfortable weather; it was 60 degrees here in New York despite being the nadir of Winter. The Big Duck is the Ka'aba of my two-wheeled faith.

While out riding, I saw a decaying but beautiful painting on the side of a building in a neglected alley. Isn't it nice?


  1. It was warm here as well today, but really windy.

    Fun you took the bike out to enjoy it.

    The big duck is hilarious.


  2. Glad your bike is now "officially yours".

    Love that painting!

  3. The Big Duck is Everything! Glad you had a good ride.


  4. Shame on me, I didn't know about the big duck and now I wanna go there absolutely next time I go to the USA ! Will you guide me to it ? :-) Kisses

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  5. That painting is so beautiful! I wouldn't mind at all having that on my window... :-)


  6. Duck looks so funny and the painting is beautiful - I wouldn't mind having such

  7. I can't even with that insanely cool is that! You are hardcore my friend. I do not want to be on our bike until it's 70 degrees. I know, disappointing considering my hardcore biker!

  8. I still have the post card you sent me of the big duck on my fridge. I had such a hard time trying to explain to my nephew why someone would build a giant duck building. "Just because" was not a good enough reason for him.

  9. I showed this duck to Bryan over the weekend after you mentioned it--so cool! Glad you were able to take the bike out and enjoy some beautiful riding weather. Back to freezing rain here, whomp! That is a beautiful painting you stumbled upon :)

  10. You find such unique sights on your many adventures. Thank for always sharing them with us! (Love that painting.)

  11. I love that big duck! My kids used to love it to. Thank you for remind me of it!
    You remind us to take the time to do the things that give you pleasure! Thank you,
    the painting, is quite nice!
    xx, Elle

  12. Beautiful images both. Each made me smile in different ways.

    ♥ Jessica