Wednesday, January 27, 2016

That Little Pocket In Your Jeans

Have you ever wondered what that little pocket (inside the bigger front pocket) in jeans is for? I'll tell you. Or, rather, Levi Strauss will tell you since they're the ones who designed jeans over a century ago and put the pocket there.

The pocket is intended to carry pocket-watches. In the past, men used to carry pocket-watches to keep time; they needed a pocket to slip the watch in so one was added to jeans.

Obviously, few people carry pocket-watches any more so the pouch isn't necessary. Instead of watches, people now put other things in their pocket, like coins, matches, even condoms if you're a high school boy. What do you put in it?

Personal fashion history -- Back in the Seventies, I thought pocket-watches were cool and owned a couple. I found slipping them into my little jeans-pocket handy. Pocket-watches aren't as easy to use as wrist-watches but they leap over ordinary watches in terms of coolness. Pulling one out to check the time always caught people's attention. Often they'd ask to look at the watch which started fun conversation.

Don't you feel smarter now?


  1. Most people think it is for small change. You keep on teaching us Ally!!! Thanks!

  2. I knew that! I keep bus tickets in that pocket if what I'm wearing (I don't own jeans) happens to have a little watch pocket.

  3. I do feel smarter! Thanks : P I need every little bit of help I can get.

    My husband has several pocket watches and often wears them with vests. They have an attachment for the button and then it sits in the pocket. One of them belonged to his father.

    I also think they are very dapper.


  4. I thought they were for coins!!! I have a pocket watch as does my husband!!!x

  5. I do, I feel smarter and properly enlightened! I would not have guessed that, but since i know that Levis hails back so many generations, it is not a surprise. I use it for a tiny scrap of paper with directions, written on 1/2 of the back of a business card. Not as convenient in the winter though!
    xx, Elle

  6. I also thought they were for coins ! Great post =) Kisses

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  7. How cool Ally ! I learned something new today !
    I own a pocket watch that I never use, its just for display.
    I will use this as a conversation starter :)

  8. That is so interesting. Thank you. I thought the little pocket was for coins, pills and spare buttons. At least that's what's in mine.

  9. Amazing! I had no idea! Sadly I've only ever used mine for spare quarters on laundry days :) love pocket watches though. So beautiful, timeless and elegant.


  10. Pocket watches were such an elegant, practical accessory and way to be punctual. Wristwatches were already their death blow (for all intents), but now having phones (with clocks) in our pockets has buried them even further in the recesses of history for most folks. It's awesome that you got to enjoy using pocket watches for a while when you were younger, enjoying that simple pleasure first hand and no doubt feeling a connection to the past as you did.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. As one who wears vintage, you understand this well. For the simple reason of wanting to "feel a connection to the past," I plan to buy a new (used) pocket-watch.

  11. Yay! Learning something new. Pocket watches need a come back.