Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 Interviews

Holy cow! You guys must wanna talk! Eighteen of you volunteered for interviews.

Thank you for the great response. Everyone seems enthused about the idea and I believe it will enrich our blogging community. The more we know about each other, the closer we feel. Plus, many of you have fascinating lives that are entertaining and educational to hear about. I'll try to elicit interesting information from each of you that shows how unique and wonderful you are.

My plan is to do two interviews a month. I'll start contacting a small group of you since people vary in their time responding; when those interviews are nearly all posted, I'll start with another group. The door will remain open so anyone who later realizes how much fun this is can jump in and be included.

The best part of blogging for me has been befriending you and learning about your lives. I want to spread that special joy with this new feature. Happy 2016!

(P.S., This is one of my favorite outfits of 2015.)


  1. This is a great idea Ally, I always enjoy learning more about other bloggers and am definitely looking forward to reading these interviews as they appear here. If you want to add me to the bottom of your list I'm up for it sometime. Zoe x

  2. Hurrah Ally!!! Such great fun! Your fave outfit is brilliant!!

  3. LOVE this outfit!

    This is going to be fun and educational : )


  4. I'd love to do one. Also you look amazing in red. I know pink is your color, but red really wows.

  5. STUNNING outfit!!! You look Red Carpet Ready!!!

  6. Can't wait for this series to start. I love the sense of community you are developing/building here :)

  7. If anyone drops out I am always happy to chat :), It's always great to talk to someone who inspires you.

    1. It will be fun interviewing you, Dale. You have a perspective that differs from most readers here, one that will interest them a lot. Thanks for volunteering.

  8. How wonderfully exciting!!! You have such an awesome, diverse group of readers and online friends. I know it will be a blast to learn more (or in some cases, the first things) about each of them. Thank you for launching this series. I have a great feeling about it!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I'm so pleased you had a good response. I'm very excited and shall be scanning my inbox for an email from you when ready!
    You look beautiful in red, Ally. Really stunning.
    Happy New Year to you.