Friday, June 12, 2015

The Power of Hair and Makeup

I'm a Star Trek fan but I never saw the last series ("Enterprise") which ran from 2001-2005. I'm watching it now and it's better than I expected.

I'm fascinated by the female lead who's supposed to be a Vulcan woman. Her face is mesmerizing. I wondered what the actress (Jolene Blalock) looks like in real-life so I checked her out.

The difference between her real appearance and her character's is amazing. A conventional blonde is transformed into an exotic, short-haired Vulcan brunette. You wouldn't know they are the same person. Hair and makeup create a magical change in appearance.

Have you ever changed your look drastically?



  1. I'm all about drastic! Actually it was Vulcans that originally inspired my chopchop pixie cut several years ago. I haven't seen much of Enterprise myself. I'm a diehard NextGenner myself.

  2. I'm a big STNG fan too, like Megan but I did watch the original run of Voyageur and most of Enterprise. I always had a crush on Scot Bakula from his Quantum Leap days.
    I suppose I have chopped off lots of hair more than once and I experimented with blonde and red colours way way way back in the dark ages also known as the eighties.
    No plastic surgery or vulcan ears in my past nor likely to be in my future. xo

  3. Yeah. For my senior prom I dyed my hair blond. And lived to regret it!

  4. OMWord this girl is gorgeous both as herself and as a Vulcan. She makes me think of Jennifer Lopes.

    The biggest change was allowing myself to show my now natural hair colour ~ which is 100% grey ~ and not to have covered it for a number of years now. Of course when people see you from afar they assume that you are older than when they get up close. What prompted me to do this was when I saw how grey my hair was after shaving it off for a Cansa Shavathon ... I decided to let it be after that ... too much work to keep it colored.

  5. What a difference! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Though perhaps not necessarily intentionally, I think that by donning vintage attire, hair and makeup, I've been making a relatively drastic change for half my life now. To me at this point (and long before it, actually) my old school look became my norm and I genuinely feel far more at home in than most modern styles, but I readily acknowledged that to those who pass me on the street, I stick out and look vastly different than just about anyone else around these parts. It's interesting then to reflect on how what starts out as a drastic change can quickly, and often wonderfully, become our own everyday norm.

    ♥ Jessica