Friday, June 19, 2015

Motorcycle Trip

I was twelve when Woodstock had its festival in 1969. Peace, love and rock 'n roll -- of course my mother wouldn't let me go. I begged and begged, to no avail. Later, I saw the movie about the concert and regretted not running away from home. Janis, Jimi and other legends rocked hard. And naked young people rolled in the mud while during drugs and having sex. That's an experience!

 I'm riding my motorcycle to Woodstock today to see if the party is still going on. Yes, I'm a little late but maybe there's still fun to be had. At least I can roll around in the mud.  :-)

Do you know about Woodstock?


  1. I was nine years old and hear the older kids in the neighborhood talking about it. I wanted to go but obviously did not. I have been fascinated by Woodstock ever since.

  2. I've never not known about Woodstock even though I am too young to have gone. Have you seen the 2009 film Taking Woodstock?

    I have family members who went to the big festival of the time in the UK, which was the Isle of Wight festival. I'm not one for festivals and mud and such like, I leave that to my sister :)

    I hope you have fun at Woodstock x

    ps - yes, I made my skirt, it was was easy peasy :)

  3. I was 9 years old during the Woodstock concert and I don't even think I remember knowing about it until the photos were in every magazine. What an exciting event. I think it influenced me some even though I couldn't be there. But of course that was more about the hippie movement in general. Peace and rubber side down!

  4. Wow!! That sounds like fun!!! I was 3 years old at the time. I've seen and heard about it but am not too clued up. Hope its a wonderful trip for you.


  5. I love reading up on 60s history and I've watched a bunch of specials on Woodstock! Hope you have a good trip there!

  6. I was 2, so yeah, I've heard of it a lot over the years. I want lots of pictures! Now I want to go listing to Joni Mitchell...we are stardust, we are golden.

  7. Such a cool trip! I did a project on Woodstock in high school. I compared Woodstock in 69 to the one in 99. I would have rather gone in 69.

  8. That's awesome! I was only alive for the - what many dub, epic failure - version of '99, but I certainly grew up hearing and reading about the 60s version and would have been there with bells (err, bell bottoms :D) and whistles on had I been alive and old enough at the time.

    Have a safe, super fun trip!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. A bit before my time but I have read about the epic event.
    Cool that you went to check it out now.

  10. It certainly was a once in a lifetime experience for those who attending ... Enjoy every minute of your trip.

    My son goes to a music festival called Oppi Koppi here in SA that is run every year and they have an absolute blast for 3 days.

  11. What fun! I am not too sure what you will find, but maybe it will be your own version of rock and roll! We are about the same age! :)
    I loved reading about it when I was preteens to teen, and even later!
    xx, Elle

  12. I was only 3 so a bit beyond my years. ( I kinda like saying that since it isn't often I can say I was too young! LOL)

    Can't wait for the photos of your trip.


  13. I'm sure most people have heard of this truly legendary festival. Too bad you couldn't attend it back then, but at least you get a little close to the action! :-)