Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day (Boy Clothes)

A year ago, someone challenged me to wear both boy and girl clothes to the same event.  That was an interesting idea and I've tried it on several occasions.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I'd do it again.  What would I wear to a romantic dinner on V-Day?

On my way home from court this morning, I stopped by my trusty thrift-store and was lucky -- I found both a beautiful red dress (for $8) and a pretty red tie (for $2).  Both enable me to meet this challenge.

Here is the boy-version of my Valentine's Day outfit.  Tomorrow you'll see the girl-version.  If you want, you can vote on whether I look better as a boy or a girl.  That's a weird question but I'm not exactly conventional to begin with...

Speaking of romance, I read a good article this week about romance novels.  Romance novels are the biggest genre in book-publishing; they generate $1.4 billion in annual sales.  That's double what the second most-popular category is ("inspirational") and triple the size of "literature."  A lot of women like romance!

Do you read romance novels?  What are you doing for Valentine's Day?


  1. I'll stick to literature. Cute tie!

  2. I like the tie :) Though I think it will be kind of hard to vote on which gender presentation looks better. Men and women just don't really compare! I could be tempted to vote for the boy-wear, because the tie is awesome and it's what your body is more built for, or I could be tempted to vote for the girl-wear, because you're more "you" and that kind of comfort/confidence shines through. Ohhh, now I'm really excited to see the girl-wear!

  3. I heart that tie! I'm sure you will come up with an awesome girl outfit :)
    I've never been able to get into romance novels (more of a science fiction/fantasy type) but I do appreciate the gratuitous covers on many of them, ha ha!!

  4. Love that tie!!! What a nice find! If I'd had found that in the charity shop, I would have tied it round my waist like a belt with the ends hanging down at my side- school girl style!!! Maybe you could do that with it too with your girl outfit?!

    I'm not sure I could vote between a boy and girl outfit- I am ALWAYS inclined to say girl because I like girl outfits!!!x

  5. I love the heart tie! And I can't wait to see the red dress.

    I used to read the hell out of Harlequin romances in my early teenage years but I haven't read any in ages. I have a few though; maybe I'll pull one out for Valentine's Day!

  6. Oooh what a great post Ally! It will be great to compare the two styles on you, you look fabulous in black and red and you have gorgeous skin. I've never been able to understand the lure of romance novels.

  7. No romance novels for me. I'm reading the newest Stephen King right now.

    I love the red tie with the hearts! I'd love to find a bow tie just like that for my husband.

    BTW I'm sure your gal outfit will win. So much more flair!


    1. Doctor Sleep?! I loved that one! (Sorry for being random and commenting on your comment...)

  8. looking very sharp! love this.

    i prefer to read murder mysteries / sci-fi. every once in a while i don't mind throwing another genre into the mix...maybe the next will be a romance.

  9. Great tie! I really enjoy looking at ties at the thrift store - I've found that they make really pretty belts. :) Looking forward to your girly outfit!

  10. You're so dashing in your man-clothes. :)

    We're going to a Sweethearts party - theme is red and pink, so I'll be doing a vibrant pink dress.

  11. very handsome! i love the tie. i am not a huge fan of romance novels, they never seem to be well written, although i suppose that's probably the point!

  12. Ooh! The tie is great. Festive, good color, and yet sort of subtle, too.

    I consume so many audiobooks (while at work), but romance (especially straight romance, ie not mixed in with historical fiction or fantasy) is not that high of a percentage. And oddly, after I listen to an especially fluffy/mushy one, I feel the need to search out some really good, violent, gory, action-laden pulp to 'cleanse my palette' of the 'girliness'.

  13. My word, what a dapper figure you cut here. If Cupid was a successful lawyer who needed to suit up in the 21st century, I think this is precisely how he'd dress, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. We're hosting a Valentines Day Ball on the 8th and my husband is wearing that exact same tie!

  15. I think you look fantastic as both genders! I really love your tie. I'm a big fan of ties with prints.

    I don't put a lot of stock in Valentine's Day. For me, it's just a made up holiday, that puts way to much pressure on SigOts to buy me stuff or take me out to a crazy expensive dinner. I get the concept behind it, I just don't practice it. lol

  16. Love it! You look great. I like how you matched the tie to the dress so well.