Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ask Pandy

Two years ago, I found Pandy at a Summer festival in Long Beach.
He was lonely and we became friends.  I carried him home on my motorcycle
and he loves to ride.  Pandy is a great companion.
Since then I've learned Pandy is a natural advisor.
When I have a problem, he has an answer.  I thought I'd let Pandy
answer some of your questions, so here we go!

Dear Pandy,
I'm going to a party where there will be lots of smart people.  I'm not completely dumb but I'm not as bright as these super-geeks.  I mean, like, the only news I get is what I see on Twitter and I'm feeling a little intimidated.  Is there something I can say to impress these smarty-pants? Signed, Awed.
Dear Awed:
First off, don't worry.  Intelligence is not the measure of a man.  (Or a woman.)  While it's nice to be educated and informed, there are many unpleasant smart people.  Just as there are sweet dumb people.  So be nice and that will carry you most of the way.  If you need a comment to carry you over the goal-line, just mention that "Bitcoin is a disruptive technology that will re-shape American commerce."  Nobody will know what you're saying but everyone will think you're smart.
Dear Pandy,
I love my boyfriend but there's a problem.  He's started staying over my apartment and we now share a bathroom.  I worry about him hearing me through the bathroom door so I'm quiet when I get down to business.  He, however, has no inhibitions.  Sometimes, I need to put on loud music to drown out his icky noises.  Plus, we once took a shower together and I was shocked to see where he puts the soap.  What can I do?  Signed, Grossed Out
Dear Grossed Out:
Some boys aren't taught how to behave in front of others so it may not be his fault.  But that doesn't excuse his habits or mean they should go uncorrected.  Try to gently suggest ways he can improve.  If he does, great; if not, realize he'll be this way forever.  Most of all, buy two bars of soap, one for him and one for you.


  1. Dear Pandy,
    I am so glad to meet you. You are such a smart one and it is a relief to know that, whenever there's a problem I can turn to you and will get, not only an answer but also great advice.
    yours sincerely

    Ally you just cracked me up, you just made my day!!!!! I loooooooove it. Will there be more of Pandy to come? I would love it, pretty please......

    1. Of course! I'm sensitive to reader-response. Besides, Pandy never shuts up!

  2. Hahaha, nice post! Always good to have someone who really understands you and your problems :)
    I think communication is ALWAYS the most important in a relationshio. You can find solutions for almost every problems thourgh communication and if you cannot THEN there might be a real problem ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have no witty response to this, because I'm laughing too hard. Brilliant! (And helpful.)

  4. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Haha, too funny! He should get his own TV show!

    Have a fantastic day,

  5. Welcome, Pandy! He seems to have it all - cuteness and smarts all in one chic black-and-white package! I hope he gets his own feature.
    The letters gave me a good laugh ... there's a reason so many women buy body wash vs. bar soap ... ;)

  6. You are so lucky you ran in to Pandy at that festival, and he's so lucky you have a bike and a blog so he can get around and also dispense advice. It would have been so sad if you never met!

  7. Pandy has got some real street smarts.

    I hope we get some more advice from Pandy in the future.


  8. Haha, Pandy sure knows his advise. I'll drop the bitcoin line during a dinner i have on Thursday :)

  9. Dear Pandy, you are as cute and wise as bamboo leaves are green. I think you and Ally make for a splendidly fantastic duo!

    ♥ Jessica