Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make resolutions?  What are yours this year?

I've made two.  The first is to work less.  I need to restore balance to my life.  This year, I worked way too hard and the stress took a toll on me.  Even my blogging suffered from a work-schedule that was relentless.  I need more leisure in my life.

Second, I want to up my beauty game.  With makeup and feminine grooming, I went from completely-ignorant to barely-presentable in the past three years.  Then I plateaued there.  I got comfortable at that basic level and stopped trying to improve.  Now, I'm inspired to get better.  I'm aiming for almost-as-good-as-the-average-gal.  With study and effort, I may reach that goal.

By coincidence and pleasant surprise, for Christmas my blogger pal Emma just got me a subscription to Birchbox.  The first package just arrived and already I'm loving it.  They send you several samples of beauty products you can play with without splurging on entire bottles.

I like everything in my first box.  Sugarbomb lip gloss (Benefit Cosmetics) fills a void in my makeup kit and feels nice on my lips.  Hello perfume (Harvey Prince) is delightfully citrus-y and perfect for my wrists.  Beauty Protector hair spritz adds silky luster.  And glittery nail polish (Ruby Wing's Ride 'em Cowgirl) changes color in the light.  I've tried all four and will incorporate them into my female life.  Yumm!

Do you try beauty samples? 


  1. Your resolutions are sure right ! I have been stressing out lately as well, and also because of that I had less time to comment on other blogs, including yours !I need to find more time for myself !.
    I love samples, I have boxes filled with beauty samples cause I buy a lot of cosmetics. It's fun to try out new things ! Hugs

    Fashion and Cookies

  2. Those are fantastic resolutions! Funny because one of mine is to work more!

  3. Kiehls! They offer lots of free samples every time you buy a product. I've tried many of their skin care products, and while they are expensive, they are extremely effective. Their business model is also interesting. I think the money other companies put into advertising is put towards free samples, and the ensuing word-of-mouth is way more positive and valuable than advertising.

  4. you got some goodies! i own a few of those and can vouch for them! those are great resolutions.

  5. Balance, health, and happiness is important! Great little beauty items. I'm not with Birchbox anymore but I have tried a few new ones recently, i.e., Beauty Army, etc. I love Benefit's products!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday. x/Madison

  6. Emma is very special!!! Such a nice gift.

    I no longer do New Year's Resolutions ... I now do monthly intentions and it works better.

    Hope your Christmas is Super~Awesome ... just like you!!!!

  7. Yayyyy, I'm so glad I was able to help support your resolution :) I do samples every once in a while. I find that more often then not, they lead me to buy things I wouldn't have normally. This can be good or bad, haha.

  8. that birchbox-sample-thing is great! gorgeous gift!
    for myself i´m very lazy in the case of beauty - soap, shampoo, cream, basic makeup - but please without mineral oil and silicone. my best "beauty product" is a day hiking or skiing :-)
    wish you a merry and beautiful x-mas!!!!!

  9. My friend had a subscription to that service for a while. Congratulations on your samples of delight coming in every month. :D

    We've missed you on the blogosphere, but most of all Ally, take good care of yourself and be happy!

  10. Yay for resolutions. I never make any... however i do have a mental list that pretty much stays the same.
    Getting a Birchbox subscription sounds like an amazing idea for a gift! i love samples and i signed up for the equivalent of birchbox here.

  11. My New Year's resolution is to find joy in every day things and be kind to myself (stress). I have given up with all the exercise resolution stuff. I think too many people set themselves up for failure when they make tons of resolutions and most don't stick to them. I have upped my beauty game and fallen in love with lipstick and eyeshadows again, even a little bit of bronzing powder - woo hoo living on the edge :)

  12. Good resolutions! I LOVE samples!

  13. No I don't resolution. If I want to change something, I do it, what's the point of waiting until next year? I love samples. I'll try them out a lot. Just this morning I tried some new moisturizing cream, but was disappointing so I am very glad I could try out a sample instead of paying a lot of money for something that did not work for me. Isn't it exciting to play around with make up?
    Happy holidays to you Ally. Wish you a fabulous time.

  14. Congrats on the box! I love samples of anything.

    As for resolutions - no, I'm not really good at planning that far ahead. I mean, there are the same things every year, try to work harder, be better, improve myself, but I don't think I need a new year just for those resolutions.

  15. Usually I don't because I don't have much faith in myself for changing. But this time I've made some because I really need to make changes. Mine are to spend less money and drink less coke zero. Also I've set myself a goal. That is to do my graduate diploma in legal practice so I can become a qualified solicitor. While its not a resolution, it's a huge goal to me. After I finished my law degree in 2012 I never thought I'd do the last part because I didn't have the self confidence and I didn't think I was good enough to take the final step. I'm terrified.

  16. You've set your 2014 goals nice and early Ally - and great ones they are too, I hope you can look back this time next year and feel happy that you have achieved them.

    I do normally set myself a goal or two for the start of the year, but to be honest I've not given it much thought yet. I'm not sure I've managed my "be true to myself" goal of 2013, although I have tried, maybe I should break that down a bit and choose something related but more specific.

  17. No resolutions yet, but I'm bound to make a few. I always do!

  18. i have a love-hate relationship with samples. i LOVE to get them, but in reality, they rarely get used and i end up storing them.
    i need to be more organized so that i can spend more time with the minis. i spread myself too thin this past year...i was overwhelmed.