Sunday, March 13, 2022

Library or Museum?

I stopped in the City yesterday on my way to a hockey game. I heard the New York Public Library has a museum-like exhibition of historical documents and I wanted to see it in person.

Wow! Imagine being personally close to treasures from antiquity to modern times. Like 5,000 year old cuneiforms, Beethoven's draft of a symphony, Thomas Jefferson's handwritten Declaration of Independence, Karl Marx's handwritten "Das Kapital" and Bob Dylan's song lyrics. The collection is startling in its breadth. Honestly I didn't know the Public Library possessed such artifacts. The exhibition is free to see.

P.S., The Devils won in a shoot-out (2-1)!

P.P.S., Mourning the loss of Mamouns from Long Island, I stopped in at a NYC location to enjoy their incomparable falafel sandwich. New York has great stuff if you know where to look. :)

Beethoven's Music

Cuneiforms from Mesopotamia

Illustration from "The Wizard of Oz"

Thomas Jefferson's handwritten Declaration of Independence

Umbrella owned by the author of "Mary Poppins"

Bob Dylan's song lyrics

Photograph by Diane Arbus

Charles Dickens' writing desk, chair & lamp

Oscar Wilde's handwritten book-draft

James Baldwin's open letter to Angela Davis

Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities"


  1. I am surprised they allowed you to take pictures inside.

  2. Libraries are so so cool!

    Yes most people tend to use them for the latest pulp paperback or to use a computer, but they are such an underutilized resource.

    The library I grew up volunteering at had a small art gallery for local artists. I helped run receptions for them. We also did book launches and kids/teen reading groups, plus story time. Our downtown branch has a "special collections" room that has civil rights items and a permanent installation for Votes for Women.

  3. That's such an amazing exhibit to see! I am very envious. It's wonderful you got to see all those amazing historical documents!x

  4. Wow, how incredible to see all of those things! Thank you for sharing them, Ally!

  5. I visited and love the Winnie the Pooh original toys they have at the kids section! I'll have to go back cause I missed the Mary Poppins umbrella! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Museums are so amazing because they house all these little (or sometimes big) treasures from all over history. It's so inspiring to take in!

    Le Stylo Rouge