Friday, February 12, 2021

Ethnic Food

What the heck is that?!

I like exotic food so when I read this morning that a new Indian supermarket opened in "Little India" (Hicksville, NY), I headed straight over to Maharaja Farmers Market on Route 107. What a smorgasbord of ethnic delights!

I bought fresh food and frozen dishes I don't know how to make. Among the fresh stuff are, obviously, spicy red cayenne peppers. At the center of the picture is a green thing called karela or bitter melon. If you're not deterred by its spikes, the karela is a fruit whose texture is like cucumber and flavor is bitter. I asked how you eat it and the Indian cashier said to toss it into a salad. You can eat it either raw (intense) or cooked (mild). Candidly, I bought it simply because it looks cool. :)


  1. That is a one strange...vegetable! Let us know how it tastes!

    I got The Box today, thank you, Ally! You're very generous to include cash to cover the shipping - I'll pay that forward to Megan. :)

  2. My mom uses it for so much but I’ve heard the taste takes some getting used to! I’m curious how you end up eating it (if you do!).

    1. I'm gonna try it both raw and cooked, mixed with tomato and garlic. An adventure!

  3. Shops like that are such marvelous ways to travel the globe from the comforts of our own towns (or nearby areas).

    I've heard (but have not personally tried) that consuming karela - which is a great source of potassium - with honey can go a long way to helping quell some of its famous bitterness.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  4. Supermarkets selling exotic produce are always well worth a visit. You never know what wonderful delights they have in store! I've never heard of a karela, never mind tasted one. Do let us know about that, Ally! xxx

  5. It's really wild looking! And something I never tried before.

    Here's my crazy revelation of today - Pine Nuts come out of Pine cones from Pine trees!

    I was watching a Chinese YouTuber prepare for Lunar New Year and she whacked apart a pinecone! I knew about pine nuts but somehow never connected the fact they came from the cones.

    I also purchased a new hot sauce - bee sting mango passion pepper sauce. Sweet and spicy.