Friday, August 7, 2020

International Beer Day


Today is International Beer Day. No kidding! We even have a poster.

Pandemic life is hard. Beer makes it easier.

My favorite new beer comes from Keuka Brewing Co. in the Finger Lakes. I drank their Mocha Stout straight out of the tap (so fresh!) and later went online and ordered their 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Fat Stack Maple Pecan Porter. To each his/her own.


Beer Tweets:

- Here's to all the Americans who think Sam Adams was one of the Founding Fathers

- Wife: I’m heading to the store. Do you want anything?

Me: A sense of meaning and purpose in my life.

Wife: *adds beer to the grocery list*

- I'm impressed with who I become when I don't have an opener for a bottle of beer

- Ever had beer so good that two sips in you're ready to quit your job, buy all that stuff on your Amazon wish-list and move to an island?

- Wife: We need a new fridge.

Me: This is a terrible day.

Wife: You can use the old fridge as a beer fridge.

Me: This is the best day of my life.

- Today is the two-year anniversary of me chipping my front tooth on a beer bottle to impress a guy who it turns out already had a girlfriend

- People are so anxious for bars to re-open like they don't know you can charge yourself double for a beer and stare at your phone at home too

- [morning after party]

Me: I'm never drinking again.

Brother: Want a beer?

Me: Yes.


  1. Happy Beer Day! I miss beer - I haven't had it about 8 years.

  2. Oh, it seems I missed that! I drink non-alcoholic beer almost every day. Hope that counts too? xxx

    1. Happy Beer Day! Didn’t know there was a holiday for it, but I’m also maybe the only german you’ll ever meet who doesn’t drink beer 🤪 I do love me a good Riesling though. Is that the same thing almost? (No. No, it’s not). That limited edition beer sounds really good!!

  3. Happy Beer Day! Funny jokes and quotes. I drink non alcoholic beer sometimes.

  4. Happy belated beer day! I had a lovely local craft beer on Friday. It was by Hoyne brewery it was in a whiskey cask.