Friday, August 14, 2020

Cayuga Lake

I'm heading back to the Finger Lakes today. This time, Cayuga Lake. It's part of my sinister plan to visit all eleven Finger Lakes before anyone catches me.  :)

Ca-yu-ga! Sounds like an old car horn. The named actually comes from the area's original inhabitants, a branch of the Iroquois Native-Americans.

While there, I'm dropping into the Taughannock Falls State Park which has biggest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains; it's taller than even Niagara Falls. I also plan to visit the city of Ithaca for the first time.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Enjoy
    My son has been there for the most part since 2003 when I first started sending checks to Cornell. Visit the Cornell campus. Some of the old buildings are architechtual works of art. The new building detract from the historic campus. Also consider visiting Firelight camp grounds to just check out what they have to offer. They are behind La Tourelle spa across from Ithaca College on the 'other' hill of Ithaca. If you get there take a look or a walk down/up Buttermilk falls.
    Remember "Ithaca is Gorges".

    1. Thanks for the info. I saw that slogan on t-shirts!

  2. Have so much fun, this sounds lovely. Happy weekend friend!

  3. Hee hee, I just spent a few minutes walking around my office going, "Cah YOO gah! Cah YOO gah!" No one's here - it felt wonderfully silly. :)

  4. What a beautiful place! That waterfall is magical. Loving the name Ca-yu-ga too! xxx

  5. What a beautiful place. That waterfall is certainly inspiring. Cayuga lake- even the name is cool.

  6. Awww sounds like a great road trip! Can’t wait to read about your travels!!

  7. Lovely falls! I used to think Ithaca was somewhere exotic like Italy or Spain.

  8. OOoooh, I would love to visit here! Such beauty! I love waterfalls. We went searching for one in Northumberland and it had dried up! So disappointing!