Saturday, February 22, 2020

This Weekend

Hey, guys. What's up? Whatcha doin' this weekend?

I have two things planned. The first is visiting a friend who used to be my secretary 20 years ago (Nancy). Sadly, even though Nancy is only in her forties, she contracted Lyme disease which disables her. She has to use a walker and the illness severely limits her life. My sorrow about her bad luck encourages me to see her often. Plus, she's a wonderful friend.

The other thing I'm doing is fun. An opera singer who's performed around the world grew up near me before embarking on his international career. Now living in Germany, he's returning home to give a concert of African-American spirituals. Songs like, "Swing low sweet Chariot" and "Sometimes I feel like a motherless chile’." Sung with talent, these soulful songs should be moving to hear. Also it's nice to attend a live event close to home.

The singer's name is Zelotes Edmund Toliver. Isn't that a cool name?

How 'bout you? What are your weekend plans?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's bad luck, and I'm glad she can count on you seeing her as often as you can. Zelotes Edmund Toliver is indeed a very cool name. I love African-American spirituals and I'm now humming "Swing low sweet Chariot". Enjoy the concert! As for my weekend, I'm taking it really easy, so no particular plans have been made. xxx

  2. What a full, wonderful weekend. I'm truly sorry about your dear friend's health. Lyme Disease is a horrific, widely (and wildly!) misunderstood and profoundly challenging condition. My heart and understanding (as a chronic illness warrior, though not one with Lyme, as far as I know) go out to her tremendously.

    Happy Saturday wishes, Ally.

    ♥ Autumn

  3. That sounds like a satisfying weekend, Ally, full of art and good friends. I am so sorry to hear of your friend's illness, though.

    I'm going to dinner and a birthday party tonight, and taking a friend shopping tomorrow. Good times!

  4. Sounds like some solid plans! We're heading up to Gallatin to offload (officially) our old car. A friend of my brother in law's is wanting to buy it for parts so happy to pass it over for $$.

    We'll probably do some thrift shopping and eat at a favorite sandwich place.

    Today I ordered you a present (it's admittedly a super late Christmas gift but had been out of stock - so Christmas in March?)

    I got your amazeballs card!

  5. Seems like a good set of weekend plans.
    This is a relax weekend. Get in a workout in the AM. Yesterday we cooked a turkey meatloaf. I dressed in a blue floral dress with full makeup and heels. After dinner we ran out of wine and I headed out for a bottle of wine fully dressed with the consent of my wife.
    Today the menu is a chicken soup with beans and escarole and a side dish of brussel sprouts. I am wearing a plum dress and will be putting on my makeup in a few minutes before I start on dinner prep

  6. I'm glad you can keep in touch with your colleague! The singer sounds like he'll give you a wonderful performance!
    We had a 70th birthday party and I had a day of doing reports!

  7. Hope your friend gets well soon! Have a great day!

  8. What a lovely weekend- and that's so nice you keep in touch with Nancy. It sounds like she could use some good vibes- Lyme is really horrific and I'm thinking of her!

    Le Stylo Rouge