Saturday, February 29, 2020

Gear Up!

What do you do in the doldrums of Winter? You gear up! The best way to generate enthusiasm for Spring is to prepare for adventure. The process lifts your spirits. You imagine having fun outdoors and preparation makes those excursions easier.

I'm a biker/hiker. I use two types of outdoor gear -- motorcycle stuff and hiking stuff. This Winter I surveyed my closets, identified what's missing and filled gaps. I just added two pieces which make me smile -- a handsome hiking hat and a black leather motorcycle vest. Both are attractive and useful.

First, the hat. I've never been a hat-person because hats require panache I lack. But I also never shirk from protecting myself.

Hiking in the sun, I wondered afterward why the top of my head hurt. Sunburn! In a spot where my hair is getting sparse. I never expected that and never thought to put sunscreen on the top of my head. I assumed (incorrectly) that my scalp was protected by a robust head of hair. Ahh... age. Our minds think our bodies haven't changed but look in the mirror, buddy. It's happenin'.

So a hat is necessary. To keep my head from getting sunburned. By the way, anyone who uses the phrase "bald patch" is dead to me, so be careful with your comments.  :-)

This Dorfman Pacific hiking hat is so stylish it's hard to believe it's intended for hiking. No reason you can't look good while conquering the outdoors!

My new "Street & Steel" motorcycle vest is also fun. It conveys the right kind of style that helps one fit in with a crowd of bikers, which is where I find myself. When in Rome...

What are you doing to prepare for Spring?


  1. Oh yes, a hat is an ESSENTIAL!!! I do not cope without one!

  2. Two good buys. I am not a hat person but will wear one when out to protect my face.
    For winter doldrums for many years I did a lot of skiing with my sons. They are both excellent skiers. I had not skied if 4-5 years. The boys live a ways away and I have been taking my wife to warmer climes for parts of January.
    Friday I had to be upstate on business so today I met my older son at Gore Mt. This is a very large hill. I no longer do the black diamonds, no longer do any bumps and stay away from the glades. We had a great day on the hill. I am shot and my legs feel like they went through a meat grinder. I am beat but oddly energized. I should try to do this more often. For an old fat guy I can still get down with some degree of grace, style and speed.

    1. Good for you. I know that feeling of being tired/energized.

  3. Great buys! I definitely want this hat because I have a lot and the number is growing!