Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

We are not only entering a new year, we're forging ahead into a new decade. One of wild change and promise. Nobody knows what the future holds.

What do you wish for in the next year and decade?

I'm hoping that American politics becomes boring again. It's been entirely too exciting the past three years.

I need to manage my evolving family situation with an elderly father and unreliable relatives. I believe I have a handle on them but who knows what will happen?

If possible, I'd like to live as authentically as possible. As a reader here, you know what I mean. We'll see what society allows and how far I can push the envelope before it tears.

How 'bout you?


  1. Waiting in anticipation to see how far you get to push the envelope dear Ally!!!!

    I am wishing for love, laughter and good health … with lots of scrapbooking and crocheting in between!!!

  2. As the late great sportscaster Art Rust Jr. would sign off at the end of each show.
    "Yesterday is a cancelled check,
    Tomorrow is a promissory note,
    Today is the time you have, so enjoy"

    I wish you a happy, healthy and well dressed new year.

  3. Ha ha! That third photo is so true.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with love and happiness!


  4. Hi Ally

    Happy New Year from me. Sorry I've not visited your blog for a while, I've some catching up to do.

    Hope you're well and had a nice festive period.

    Speak soon

    Lotte x

  5. Happy New Year, Ally! Living as authentically as possible sounds like the best resolution ever. Do go out and push that envelope! xxx

  6. Happy new year, friend! I am so excited about starting a new year and a new decade and leave 2019 behind!

  7. Happy New Year, my dear friend! My goals are to read more, say "yes" more, and take care of me.

  8. Happy New Year my lovely friend! I hope that you will be able to manage the unreliable relatives and yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let politics get boring again. In England too! Get rid of Trump and Boris!

  9. Happy New Year! My plan is to continue my last few resolutions - keep trying new things, donate to causes i find worth while, and to keep taking baby steps to improve my life.

    Nothing radical, but attainable goals = more success. And success keeps me motivated

  10. Happy New Year! I wish for more experimentation with your feminine side this year! If you need any makeup recs let me know. ;) I'm hoping to lay out my plans in a couple days.

  11. I want to find happiness at work. I'm very unhappy right now and although I've tried to voice my concerns so that I can find happiness I am being pushed back. So this year I want to find happiness in the job I do, no matter how hard I need to push for it.

    1. I understand. I've spent most of my working life wishing for a better environment. I wish you luck.

  12. HNY ! Cheers to pushing the envelope.