Saturday, August 31, 2019

Labor Day Weekend

Are you enjoying the long holiday weekend?

Today the weather was fabulous in New York so I journeyed to my favorite place, Governors Island. It has dozens of art exhibitions supplementing bucolic nature. I sat on grass and read a new biography of Stevie Ray Vaughn, one of history's best blues guitarists. Stevie died tragically young in a helicopter crash 30 years ago. If you don't know his music, seek it out.

The ferry from Governors Island drops you off at the southern tip of Manhattan so, coming home, I savored walking 3-4 miles to the train station in mid-town, passing through wonderful neighborhoods on the way. Summer is when New York empties out so the crowds are gone. The mood was pleasant and relaxed, something you rarely feel in the city.

What're you doin' this weekend?


  1. I love Stevie Ray Vaughn, and wasn't it heartbreaking when he died in that crash? Long weekends are the best, but unfortunately we don't have one here in Belgium now. To compensate, I'm taking the whole week off ;-) xxx

  2. That's a long trek in the city! I guess you didn't mind it so much after relaxing on the island.

    What a fancy car!

    We are wrapping up our long weekend after visiting Montreal, Kingston and The Upper Canada Village. After all the excitement I need a nap! LOL


    1. There is so much visual stimulation walking in NYC that you forget how much exercise you're getting. I love it. And that "fancy car" is the exact model I plan to get in a year or two (McLaren 570).

  3. I had planned to visit Toronto this week, but had to cancel plans at the last minute. May I visit NYC sometime this weeke.

  4. My regular days off are Sunday/Monday so it was pretty par for the course. Caught up on some house chores. Got the car worked on (still needs more work... Back).

    And now back to regularly scheduled schedule. (My office is open 363 days a year)

  5. Apart from a pleasant but incredibly hot 9 mile walk from home to a place with a traditional village summer fair, I spent most of the weekend panicking about the school work I had to do!!