Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jamie, the Makeup Artist

My attitude is that when someone does you a favor, you reciprocate. It shows gratitude and respect.

I am very appreciative of the skilled work Jamie did on my recent trip to Toronto. Her expertise made everything better and her warm compassion soothed my nerves. Jamie has a vivacious personality which brought fun to our experience. Also, being originally from New York, her accent is intelligible to me.

After returning home, I wrote a testimonial for Jamie's website and she posted pictures of our time together. I hope these contributions steer business to her; more importantly, I hope they convey to her how deeply I appreciate her efforts.

What do you do when someone helps you?


  1. That was a beautiful testimonial, and I loved seeing your pictures again, as well as those of the other lovely women. Jamie really has a deep empathy for her clients - it shows!

    When someone helps me, I pass it on! We get what we give in this life. BTW, I loved your letter - thank you! Have been thinking about how I want to respond...

  2. What a talent Jamie is, and what a beautiful tribute you've written to her. xxx

  3. That is a great tribute to Jamie and I'm delighted she used some of the photos we took.

    We were lucky when we found her.


  4. She does great work. If I ever get to Toronto I will look her up.
    You did the right thing with your testimonial. I always find a way to show my appreciation of the good that other people do.

  5. That is the best way to pay it forward in my eyes, sharing about your experience with as many people as possible. She really did do an amazing job!

  6. That's lovely and much deserved!

  7. What a lovely testimonial to her. I visited her website and I think her work is amazing. You look fantastic and also very happy.