Saturday, November 25, 2017


Today was a beautiful day in New York. Sunny and surprisingly warm. It would have been a shame not to go outdoors and enjoy the nice weather.

I went into Brooklyn. My friend Maura, who used to live in New York and moved to Wales, came back to visit for the holidays. I decided to show her how much Brooklyn has changed over the past 25 years. She didn't recognize the place. We spent the day in Williamsburg which is one of the hippest, fun neighborhoods.

I had a gift-card to Rough Trade, a store with the coolest name. They sell vinyl records and obscure books about music. A famous punk-rocker (Richard Hell) was sitting at a table giving autographs to a long line of fans. I picked up an album by St. Vincent (have you heard of her?) and a book by James Baldwin, an amazing author who wrote about racism half a century ago. His words still have relevance and deep insight.

We went to Artists and Fleas, a pleasant collection of booths for independent artists and crafts-people who sell high-quality, hand-made goods. I picked up some fun holiday gifts and a bar of artisanal soap. You can never be too clean.  :-)

I found a bottle of scrumptious hot sauce at Heatonist, a store with a dozen hot sauces that were unknown to me because they're made by small companies. The flavor of the one I selected is rich and savory.

Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg's main street, was hoppin.' Throngs of young people were out enjoying the warm sunshine. There are numerous restaurants, stores, cafes and nightclubs. We ate delicious perogies at the best Polish restaurant in New York.

Some pics are below.  What did you do today?


  1. St. Vincent is incredible! Have you seen her play guitar? I absolutely love her music - so talented!

    I'll call ya spicy! ;-P I like the pic of you reflected in the glass.

  2. It looks like you spent a great day with your friend. I haven't heard of St. Vincent, but will check her out. I have some old paperbacks by James Baldwin. You're right that his words still have relevance today. xxx

  3. What a fun day!

    I hope that great weather finds its way up here. It was pretty cool here today.

    Love your sweatshirt : )


  4. What a perfect New York kind of day! Sounds like you found the perfect place to shop, and I love the looks of that flea market! Yes the sunshine has been such a welcomed bonus,
    Happy holiday season.

  5. LOVE your sweatshirt :) when are you coming back this way:)

  6. I like the sound of that Sauce! Mmm, I like hot sauce too! How nice you got to show Maura around!!

  7. has she really not come back in 25 years since she moved?

    1. She's come back and visited me many times but she hasn't been back in Brooklyn. (I live an hour outside NYC.)