Thursday, November 2, 2017

The End Of My Youth

Today is the last day of my fifties -- and, indisputably, my youth. Which doesn't mean I'm going to start acting old. As I explained before, I plan to hang onto my energetic attitude for as long as it lasts.

I pondered what to do today. I could go into the office and get aggravated. Or I could stay home, collapse on the couch and bemoan my loss. Or -- and this is where I'm leaning -- I can jump on my BMW S1000R rocket-ship, twist the throttle and blast off into space.

I think that's the right choice for me. Enjoy your day!


  1. Ride!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow.
    Stay young x

  2. So, the end of your youth... that means it’s the start of your middle age wild years? Isn’t that what’s supposed to be between youth and old age? As in, now you have free pass to do all the crazy stuff middle aged people lamenting their lost youth supposedly get up to? You know, before they get old and grumpy and can start letting off steam at random people at a whim whenever they feel like? Personally, I look forward to the grumpy old age (I must have some repressed anger...). But you, now you can ride as much as you want, and learn new things, and experiment with this and that, and blame it all on middle age. Because everybody knows that being middle-aged is sort of like being a teenager again: making up for all the fun stuff you missed back then. I think you should make the most of it. Happy birthday!

  3. You're as young as you feel my friend! If you go riding off into the sunset just make sure you come back! Happy Early birthday!

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow, Ally. You are indeed only as young as you feel, and there's some truth in the old cliché that age is but a number. You made the right decision riding your rocket-ship on the last day of your fifties. Tomorrow, your second youth will begin! xxx

  5. Absolutely jump into that rocketship and don’t let go. I’m only a few months behind you but I am not going to see myself as an old person, ever. My body may disagree with me however. Happy birthday !
    Vroom vroom ❗️❗️❗️

  6. Excellent choice. Now you are ready for your 'midlife crisis'. Go do something fun!

  7. I hope you had a super excellent end to your 50's Ally!!!!

    60 is a number that means you are young with a lot of experience!!!!

  8. As I was scrolling down to comment, I hit Tiina's comment and I nodded in agreement.
    I think you need to ride dammit. Have fun.
    Grumpy is my father in law who clings to every dollar bill and mumbles about politics and wears the same sweater from 1985. I'm not even lying. He's going to be 70 and has dreamt of going to Hawaii forever. Won't go because it costs too much. He has over a million dollars in the bank. Won't spend any of it.
    I have only "known" you for a few months through writing and you have so much life - I enjoy your adventures - those aren't that of an "old person"
    Grab the throttle Ally.
    Happy Birthday

    1. Thank you, Kimberly! Sadly, most old men are like your father-in-law, squandering opportunities for joy. We shouldn't let anything stop us from reaching for our dreams.

  9. Oh definitely you must ride!! Anything else would be silly!!