Friday, November 3, 2017

Remember The '80s??

Do you remember...

Cabbage Patch Kids; Care Bears
M*A*S*H; The Love Boat; Dallas
Working Girl; 9 to 5; Raiders of the Lost Ark
High-waisted pants; peplum skirts; shoulder pads

This journey back in time is prologue for my newest outfit. I found a retro-styled piece in one of my favorite stores. The style and print are pure Eighties. Even though leopard-print has survived the decade, this particular type of it mirrors what was used back then. I should know: I was in my twenties then.

Do you ever get nostalgic for the past?

Perhaps the reason my mind is travelling back in time is because today is my birthday. My *60th* birthday. Ouch!

Do I look 60 years old? Please don't answer that if you're gonna say yes!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLY! You look amazing is what you look, my dear! Love this sexy, cheeky outfit and the nod to the 80s (you look very Pointer Sisters in this!). Let's go dancing!

  2. Nooooo!😂😂😂
    Happy birthday!🎆🎇✨🎈🎀🎉🎊🎁
    You look wonderfull! I love pencil skirts! I hope you want to join my Fancy Friday linkup with this outfit!

  3. Happy birthday lady!

    I hope your day is awesome!

    You do not look 60 at all. The outfit is really fabulous! Perfect for your shape.


  4. You look mah-va-lus dahling! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! Such cheeky shoes and cheeky grin.
    I remember the 80s well. I had just arrived in Australia from PNG and had western city culture thrust upon me. Culture shock or what!
    I hope you have no culture shock in this new land, but just fun and excitement and novelty.
    Hugs Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Wow, that blouse! You look like you stepped right out of the 80s, only better! Who wants to be in their twenties again, anyway - been there, done that! Seriously, Ally, you are rocking that outfit. Happy Birthday! xxx

  7. Oh, my goodness -- ALLY!!! Happy happy birthday, darling! YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! Seriously, and I love leopard print. Maybe because I'm not a proud Jersey Girl. Ha! This outfit looks stunning on you :)

  8. Great outfit. I love how the top, belt, skirt and shoes all work together.
    Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday!!! This outfit looks fantastic, and I'm loving those shoes. I hope you have a GREAT day!


  10. Happy birthday Ally!! You look amazing! The 80s are where it's at (says the 80s baby, ha). Anyway, I love this outfit on you and I think you look fantastic. Have the best birthday ever!

  11. Fabulous Ally! Love that you wore a dramatic look for your 60th! I so remember the 80s... when is Dynasty coming back to television? Happy birthday, hope,it is your best decade yet!
    Sincerely and with ���� Elle

  12. Sorry that my hearts were converted to question marks by the codes that be.
    I will stick to the old fashioned xoxo !

  13. Hey Sweet Ally ... Happy Birthday!!!!! You certainly do not look 60! Love the outfit and how happy you look in it!!!!

  14. Since I was born in 1988, I only remember the 80s from TV and radio shows. I'm more of a 90s kid!
    Your outfit is so 80s, love it!


  15. *Gives you 60 shots, knocks you over, steals your shoes*
    I wouldn't do that.
    You are a saucy minx Ally.
    I was an 80's baby so of course I remember all those things. I grew up on M*A*S*H and because of Hot Lips Houlihan, I wanted to be a nurse. True story. And so I became a nurse.
    Anyways, you look fabulous! Happy Birthday again!!

  16. I hope you had a lovely birthday! I adore the color and print of that new top. You look wonderful, Ally!

  17. This is definitely giving me all the 80's vibes and I love it! Wishing you a happy belated birthday, my friend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. Looking good birthday girl :)
    And yes I AM always nostalgic for the past and for the record I still have my Cabbage Patch Kid doll and my Care Bear.

  19. 80's child here! I had lots of Carebears and I detested the Cabbage Patch dolls! Also, I loved the Dallas theme!

    Whilst leopard print is really not my thing, I think it looks great on you here in your outfit!

    Happy 60th birthday dear Ally!!! You look fab, definitely not like you've reached that grand age! I hope you enjoyed some fab celebrations!x

  20. The 80s look suits you!

    I'm frequently nostalgic! But usually for much earlier times (1800s and earlier). Well, for a brief moment, but I do love modern air conditioning.