Thursday, February 9, 2017


New York is being hit today with a big snowstorm, up to 16 inches.

I'm tired of shoveling snow so, yesterday, in anticipation of the storm, I bought a new tool for clearing my driveway...

Actually, I got this historic photo from a tweet today by the agency that runs Governors Island (which is the biggest secret in New York; click the link to see why). Back in 1947, the U.S. Coast Guard used flame-throwers to clear snow on Governors Island. I want one!


  1. Yikes, I hope you're safe! And here I am, whining about our 6 inches!

    1. It's ironic that NY (south of you) gets more snow than Canada. Maybe I should go north for the warm weather!

  2. LOL that's amazing!! How did you fare with the snow? We got about 8 inches or snow... not too bad (but obviously enough to put a dent on life for the day) :)


  3. Using a flame-thrower has got to be the most exciting way to get rid of snow, ha ha.

  4. Haha! Now that is a quite the exciting way to get rid of snow! And wow, 16 inhces?! Yikes. Hope you were safe during the storm.

  5. Hope you managed to get your driveway "blown away" without causing an avalanche for the rest of the neighbourhood!!! LOL!!!!

    Here in South African we cannot even fathom what 16 inches of snow looks like ... the snow we have had here has not even made it to 1 inch ... not that I wish snow for us because we are really not prepared for it.

  6. Stay safe, Ally. I'll be down south sweatin' it out. It's been an uncomfortably warm winter, and the flu/norovirus has spread like crazy. Both hubs and I have been ill.

  7. Oh gosh, not that is some Power Tool! It would scare the heck out of me.
    Yes, this snowstorm on the heels of a 62 degree day was something. The next day icicles ( like weapons) and big ice rocks came careening down the sidewalk... eek.\
    Stay warm, so much better today!
    xx, Elle

  8. Hi, trying to find an old friend. I saw you have a seamstress friend, maybe you or she might know Pam that was a seamstress in Lake Placid, NY back in the 80's & know where she may be from originally or where she's moved to. Love the blogs.