Thursday, October 13, 2016

Then and Now

I'm attracted to clothes from the 1960's and '70's because that's when I grew up. Looking at fashionable women back then, I ached to dress like them. But I couldn't.

Now I can. Or at least I can try. You guys indulge me with these nostalgic efforts and I'm grateful for that. Having the chance to wear these garments makes me very happy.

Recently I discovered a fringed faux-suede top. It sang hello to me. Its style is definitely Sixties. I pair it with modern clothes in a mixed-time outfit. Don't know if that works but I'm trying.

Do you ever match clothes from different eras?


  1. I love the action shots! You look fabulous in this, Ally! I mix eras all the time, especially the 50s - 80s, and even some 90s, with current pieces. That's what makes style, as opposed to just following fashion - you create it!

  2. Love the dancing shot!

    You can see how happy you are wearing this in your eyes.

    I mix everything. I think it creates interest.


  3. Love the shimmy shake! I love how 30s clothing is cut. And sometimes (when I am thinner) vintage trousers. Especially sailor trousers!

  4. Happy pictures! That's it, having fun with clothes! I love the 60's styles, although I don't really have any memories (I was born in the mid-60's). What I remember is the 60's revival styles in the 80's: miniskirts etc. And the 70's... well, for me, as a pre-teen, that was all about Charlie's Angels...

  5. I adore your fringe in action shots. You are so good at revealing your spirit through your color choices and clothing details. I love it! :)

  6. In today's time I don't think people even know that pieces come from different eras ... what with the reincarnation of styles every couple of years.

    You look so happy in this cute little number!!! Thankfully you heard to it's "Hello" song!!!

  7. You look so sweet. I love your swinging fringing!!!

  8. Great mix, I love the movement in the top as well ans the pretty workmanship! Love the simple cream skirt! Keep dancing, and always buy what makes you feel like dancing.
    xx, Elle
    PS, clothes sing to me, too....

  9. I love the way this looks together--adorable and fun, just like you! <3