Sunday, March 13, 2016

True Story

Jordan and Steve went to Disney World. Jordan's favorite ride is Splash Mountain. Steve promised to go on the ride with her but, when the time came, he declined, saying he was too tired. So Jordan was forced to go on the ride by herself. She was not happy about that.

Can you spot her in this photo?


  1. Hahahahahaha!

    Good times are had by all at Disney. LOL


  2. LoL .. she has the 'not amused' look made ever so popular by the gymnast, McKayla Maroney.


  3. A truly expressive face and body language, but I was also thinking it could be the first lady in the first row, paired with a child, who ended up loving it by the end. ( that happened to me, and I am a wishful thinker)!
    fun post! Happy week!
    xx, Elle

  4. Hilarious. I read the back story, and according to it, they both laughed as they looked at the picture. She did it on purpose. What great strength it must have taken to stay so calm and erect at that moment!!

  5. Your stories are hilarious! Great imagination! And wow what a look on that womans face!!
    And we are eagerly awaiting a visit from you-- just sayin.. .especially with the US $ so strong you could shop like crazy here... lets plan something with the 3 of us... would be soooo awesome!! And I can even take you trail running ;)

  6. Is it even possible to look that stern faced while on an amusement park ride? ;D Hopefully the rest of the day went worlds better for her.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. LMAO... that is hilarious! Dawn... the Bohemian

  8. This is amazing :) Also this woman has CLEARLY been on this ride before because she knew just where the camera was located to direct her contempt :) HA!

  9. You certainly can't miss her!!! LOL!!!