Thursday, March 24, 2016

Art from Detroit

While I was in Detroit, Sara took me to a wonderful art-forum where artists had space to display and sell their work. I was impressed by much of the art there -- and brought some home.

The first two pieces appeal to me because they use a material associated with Detroit: i.e., automotive steel. Cut in large pieces, the pieces are thick metal and weigh a lot. The first one is baked with beautiful colored enamel and symbolizes an artifact of old technology. Do you recognize it? Youngsters probably don't. The item was called an "adapter" and used to fill the large hole in 45rpm records so you could play them on a standard turntable. They were made of yellow plastic. The image is so iconic that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland uses it as its emblem. The metal sculpture shown below is about a foot wide and 5 lbs.

The second piece, over three feet wide, plays on the name of the city. Detroit is a metonym like "Wall Street." Written in script as a logo, the word symbolizes the place's commercial past, built with heavy steel. It's a perfect artistic metaphor.

This sticker made me laugh...

Sara gave me a gift -- this beautiful little box:

I also found two striking neckties.


Do you look for art when you travel?


  1. Yes, art is so inspiring! Even more so when it says something about the place it's from. I'm leaving for Barcelona tomorrow and can't wait to photograph all the creative everyday objects they have judt about everywhere. I keep taking pictures of graffiti and architectural details, and we always manage to find a little painting to take home from the gallery we usually visit.

  2. So many beautiful things you brought home with you! Love the little box--what a thoughtful gift from your friend :) Also that metal structure (gasp--I'm afraid I didn't recognize what that was--ducks for cover) is incredible. I love looking for art whenever I travel. I just wish I had the place to store it all (that's probably a good thing!).

  3. Hi, Ally. Happy Spring to you too! :) I'm glad you're enjoying your travels and friendships.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You're too kind. xo

  4. I so love that sticker as well. I just died laughing. I simply loved reading this post. And don't think I forgot about us meeting up. I actually just moved because I needed to get away from the area, but hopefully when I return we can have that cup of tea ;). And thank you so much for the wonderful words you left on my blog... I truly appreciate you. xox

    Kia / KTS

    1. Let me know when you're free and I'll ride over!

  5. Well, I just learned like three new things from reading this, so that's amazing. I especially love that diamond necktie. I'm not a huge "traditional art" person but I will look for stuff I can hang on my walls when I travel. Getting quite a collection built up!

    Glad you had a fun trip!

  6. Hi Ally! Looks like you had a great time. I've never seen that record adapter before! How strange! Your ties are v striking indeed! My husband has a piano tie he was given once!
    That sounds v exciting, you are v kind to.think of me, thank you!!!Xx

  7. Ha! I love that music tie.

    What fun pieces you chose.

    I never knew that those yellow things were called adapters. I think I called them yellow thingamajigs.


  8. Art is a fantastic thing to bring home. I'm an artsy person anyway. Also I knew what the first piece was! I actually grew up in a household that had not one but two record players. We had one of the BIG ones that also picked up radio, but I had my own little suitcase turntable that I wound up gifting to my tattoo parlor because they have tons of neat stuff and I didn't have the space or music to play on it anymore. I used to listen to audio "stories" on vinyl, my favorite was a detective one, but I can't remember enough about it to actually look it up. I was too young, i think.

  9. That huge 45 adapter is so cool! Love it...and yes, I knew right away what it was...I used them all of the time to play my Cher 45's on my little stereo. :)

  10. Fantastic pieces. The fonts and typography used throughout are so fun, classic and yet fresh at the same time. Excellent acquisitions, Ally.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Absolutely! But I rarely buy as I have too much stuff at home already. But I'm a complete culture vulture and love all kinds of art exhibitions. I've just done a post on an art exhibition by a female swedish artist, that I went to see recently which you might like (shameless plug).
    And being a music lover, that tie is fantastic!