Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Amy Winehouse

I didn't really grasp who Amy Winehouse was until last week when I saw a new documentary about her, called "Amy." The film describes her life from childhood until death four years ago at age 27.

Using actual footage, the movie reveals bad parenting, bad boyfriends and bad choices. Amy suffered from bulimia most of her life and it weakened her heart.

At the same time, she possessed exceptional musical talent. Her songwriting, coupled with jazz-based vocals, were top-notch artistry.

There is much about Amy I never knew, starting with the fact that she was Jewish. Before Amy adopted the Ronnie Spector style of hair and makeup, she looked like an ordinary chubby girl. Amy was unprepared for the assault that fame waged on her personal life and it pushed her over the cliff. She lacked support from family and friends; her professional entourage exploited her more than it helped.

If you want to learn more about her, see "Amy." It is both entertaining and heartbreaking.


  1. Wow, i know she had a terrible start to life but i did not know they had a Doco on her. Will watch it

  2. I want to see this movie - I love her music. Such a tragedy!

  3. Amy was indeed an immense musical talent. Her voice was captivating and her song writing skills were awesome. I had heard of Amy before she 'changed her hair' and I didn't realise it was the same person to start with. Perhaps her short life story is a lesson in us being that love and support that other people need.

  4. oh thanks for letting me know. I know nothing about her as a person but her music was very pleasing.

  5. I'm going to have to check this out - love her music. I'm just a little tentative because I don't want to be left with the residue of heartbreak after watching it. Sometimes it can be hard to shake those feelings when you find someone or something's end so tragic.

    1. I understand that Rachael, but we should try to celebrate the good in her life, even if it was short-lived.

  6. I will definitely try and find this to watch ... It is so sad that someone so talented became part of the "27 Club". She was stunningly gorgeous as well.

    Thanks again for sharing something so important.

  7. Yes fame is intense and not for people who already have some problems. Weird Kurt Cobain died at the same age and he too was pushed over the age by fame. I want to see this movie along with "Trainwreck"

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. I'll have to see this one. She had such an incredible voice. It made me sad when she sad... I hated hearing dismissive comments about her being a "druggy." As if people who are addicted to drugs aren't human :(


  9. I love Amy, she had a special voice and was so talented, I was a fan long before her death and I am still so saddened by her death...it's true, she was too pushed over. I am going to watch this movie for sure. Hugs

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  10. I'd love to see this. Oddly enough, the one fact that sticks with me is the fact that her poppa was named Mitch, as it's not a name you hear that frequently (and it happens to be my dad's name). Also it's a fairly common Jewish name, which is why I thought perhaps she might be.

    I'm still saddened by her death. What a beautiful girl, and amazing talent. Thanks for reminding me about this movie--I'll have to rent it one night. XOXO

  11. Yes, an exceptional Young Talent taken much too soon... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I love her music and want to see this movie too. Such a sad story. xo