Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shopping Magic

I had no idea shopping could be so much fun before I started buying women's clothes.  Finding something cute, at a good price, can make your whole day.  Let me share some recent shopping stories with you.

Two new stores just opened within walking distance of my house -- Urban Outfitters and Target.  I was browsing UO and noticed they were offering 50% off everything in the store.  I went to the sale section where items were already marked down and asked if these, too, were half-price.  They were!  They cost only half of the sale price.  What a bargain.

I snapped up two pieces that really appeal to me.  The first is a leather skirt -- real leather -- in lavender.  Lavender!  Wow.  Making this even better is the price -- originally $40, on sale for $20, and only $10 at half-price.  I paid $10 for a real leather skirt in a rare color.  I also picked up a cute striped dress for $13.

At Target, they were selling colored tights in a variety of bright colors.  Normally, $10 a pop, they were two for $8.  So I snapped up four of them which will be perfect for creating fun Fall outfits.

Here's the skirt and one of the tights.  Aren't they great?!  Do you have any shopping stories?  Tell us!





  1. I love love love that lavender skirt. I can't believe it was $10! And pairing it with bordeaux tights is just genius.

  2. the skirt is adorable and leather! leather! love the lavender balloon shot too! x x

  3. If you notice one day that the skirt is gone, someone in Finland might have just borrowed it.

  4. A sale on top of a sale price you say? Now that's my kind of thrifty shopping! It's great that you've got some new stores in your area. My small town is woefully lacking in retail clothing shops, let alone ones I'd be keen to spend my hard earned cash in. We really, really need a proper mall (not the glorified strip mall + grocery store that thinks it's a mall - lol!) here. At least there's always the internet in that regard though! :)

    Have an awesome Sunday, my stylish friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I really love the gorgeous wine color of those tights and heels. SO pretty!

  6. Looking lovely, Ally! The bargains one finds sometimes at UO are pretty awesome. I too have a favorite $10 skirt from there, when I went to kill time before a job interview. :D

    May I inquire about your shoes? They are gorgeous and suit you so well.

    1. Sure! I love these purple suede Maryjane pumps. I bought them on sale from Aerosoles in the Spring. The story of that lucky acquisition is here:

  7. So cute! The leather/lavendar skirt is darling. I love that you paired it with the striped top and it a bit of a french chic vibe. Love your lipstick too. Glad you're having a fun time shopping the bargains.

  8. Oooh lavender leather???? Great choice!!!

  9. LOVE it--I love how you toned down the sherberty sweetness of the lilac with the graphic black and white!!

    I love Target's tights--I think I have a pair in every color they come in. They fit and wear very well!

  10. Excellent deal on the leather skirt!!! Urban Outfitters used to be one of my favorite online haunts. I never ordered anything from there, but I do love to look!

    I also agree with Tamera, Target has great tights. My closest targets are usually wiped out of them year round!

  11. You got the most amazing deal on that skirt!! And it looks fantastic on you too!

    I LOVE the Target colored tights! I had every color they had for awhile and then sadly some of them started falling apart. I haven't replaced them yet, waiting until after baby.

  12. A lavender leather skirt?! Who thought of that and why don't i have one! It is so playful and cute on you!

  13. I love that skirt and the slightly sheer top.

  14. I have never shopped at UO but Target is always a must stop :)
    I like how this came together, the girliness of that skirt is perfect for you.

  15. Cute leather skirt ally

    Sadly we have neither of those stores here - but Target stole my heart as did Old Navy.

    However, my story is this - my son gifted me R200 this past week (he'll get it back, although I'll do it without him knowing) and we went shopping on Saturday at Mr. Price - I came home with two dresses - one purple Shirt dress and another bodycon black and white striped dress. Shall share them soon. Its such fun shopping with him and there was a lady and her mom in the store who commented on my 'personal shopper' - he's really got a good eye.


  16. lucky...i love urban outfitters. i was able to see the stores when i was on vacay in cali. prior to that i ordered online. i fell in love with the stores, tho!! what a great deal on the items!


  17. I love the lavender pretty and different for leather!

    Target has great tights and well, great everything. I'm in that store ALL the time!

    The Tiny Heart

  18. I love a bargain! I love the lavender skirt I can't believe what a good price you got. By the way you have AMAZING legs!!!!