Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jen & Juni

I met my close friend Jen through blogging.  Her blog is remarkably inspirational and tries to improve the self-esteem of young women.  After meeting online, we became friends and now we talk on the telephone.  I know -- real-life communication!

Like me, Jen was very close to her mother and was devastated by her mom's premature death.  That's a situation we both experienced and talking about it created a bond between us.  I feel like I really know Jen and vice versa.

Jen now has a baby whom she loves dearly.  Juni is not only adorable, she's loved.  Jen has an attachment to her that's wonderful for the both of them.

Jen just recorded a song devoted to Juni and put it on YouTube.  It's beautiful.  Honestly, it made me cry.  But don't tell anyone that -- boys aren't allowed to cry.  :)

I encourage you to watch it. 


  1. Beautiful and inspirational, your friend is ... I also love that Chirstina Perri song! x/Madison

  2. Lovely post as usual!!! Being a Mom is certainly a huge honour and I can identify with her totally ... I also feel like I waited for Connor for a thousand years and am always honoured that he chose me as his Mom.

    And ... just by the way ... BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'm only joking. All humans are allowed emotion, whether a particular society encourages it or discourages it.

  3. AWW! BABY! So very cute! I will have to come back and have a listen when I am not at work. What a sweet post!

  4. Such a sweet video! You can see her love shining strongly!

  5. Hi Ally... thank you for sharing this!