Friday, June 21, 2013

The Mermaids Are Back!

Once a year, something magical happens in New York.  It's my very favorite local event.  The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island!

Organized by artists, the Parade is a celebration of fine weather, female beauty and fun.  70,000 people head to the historic area of Coney Island to watch those souls creative and courageous enough to dress up in amazing costumes.  It's like a Halloween parade on steroids.  The ingenuity -- and often skimpiness -- of the costumes are mind-blowing.

The Parade is tomorrow.  This will be my third time attending.  My first two visits resulted in me taking over 300 photos each outing.  I posted my favorites herehere and here.

Every year there is a different Parade King and Queen.  This year the King is Judah Friedlander and the Queen is Carole Radziwill.  I'll post pictures on Sunday.  Meanwhile, where is that sunscreen??  I knew I put it somewhere...

Have you ever heard of this Parade?  Are there any annual parades you enjoy?


  1. i think ive heard of this before because of you. it sounds like fun! if only i lived closer to NYC. I havent been to a parade in years but i live in the area that Toronto's Gay Pride Parade takes place and last year was my first year in the area and let me tell you it was INSANE. i could watch from my window and I have never witnessed so many people on the streets like that. and then the party in the streets at night was crazy too!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  2. Only ever heard about this parade from you. Enjoy every minute of it!!! Look forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Can't wait to see pix!! It sounds really amazing!!

    The small town i live in hosts a Memorial Day Parade every year. We have the bragging rights of hosting the FIRST Memorial Day parade in the US (1867) and have had it since then!!
    It's the typical small town parade with HS bands, majorettes and such.

  4. I have never heard of a mermaid parade! how fabulous is this? of course a mermaid is a wonderful thing, and I own a mermaid skirt (it is mint sequined and very full ta-da!)I look forward to the pictures, wear lots of sunscreen - we tend to have a lot of 'fairs' green/vintage/summer etc but never a mermaid one, I am extremely disappointed!! x

  5. i'm working on an outfit right now!! maybe i'll see you there!

    1. I hope so, Elizabeth! If you see me, say hi.

  6. I have heard of this through you, I hope one day you'll join and be a mermaid :)

  7. Mermaid parade sounds like such a fun idea. I wish there was one here. Will you dress up for it?