Thursday, June 6, 2013

A New Blog And A Pretty Dress

I enjoy discovering new blogs, especially when the bloggers are nice people.  Let me tell you about a blog started last month by Aya.

I recently wore a crazy dress -- perhaps you remember, it was bright orange.  I explained my choice by saying the dress makes me happy.  Which is justification enough for wearing it.

Aya understood what I was saying.  She commented that she has a fancy dress of her own for which she has little practical use since she's a student.  She promised to pull the dress out and show it to us some day.

That day arrived.  Here's the dress and a link to Aya's nascent blog

Aya is sweet and possesses an interesting style.  While many of her clothes are feminine, they often incorporate punk or goth elements which makes them special.  Her sartorial creations are artistic and inventive.  I admire that.  Go visit her blog!


  1. Thanks for sharing her blog. Will definitely go and check her out.

  2. I have to go find your post with the orange dress now!
    Her dress is very pretty.
    So sorry I have been MIA. Life has been crazy with all the parties I hosted and trips I took.

  3. Love her dress, and I've started following her blog! I hope we can be friends! :-) You know all the best people, Ally.

  4. Wow, a full featurette! Thanks so much, Ally. It's lovely to meet all of you. :D

  5. Ciao!
    its very nice to visit your lovely blog.
    you can visit mine, and follow if you like it.


  6. What a sweepingly elegant dress. I'm off to visit her blog at once - many thanks for the lovely introduction.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. thanks for the kind words about the videos! Im actually rather shy in person so I'm kind of breaking my mold! I have one specific dress in my closet that I bought just because I loved it so much. I had no where to go but I knew that if I ever got to wear it I would feel pretty darn good in it just because I loved it so much. My friend is getting married at the end of the summer so i finally have an occasion to leave the house with it on!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  8. happy dresses! there should be at least one in every wardrobe as they have magical powers!! x

  9. I will have to go visit your friend's blog, I enjoyed your post about what clothes we had that made us feel extra special too, so it will be good to see her take on it. I've not been on Blogger for a week or two and fallen so far behind on what you're all up to. Hope all is well with you. xx

  10. Thanks for suggesting her blog - she look lovely!
    the dress is pretty.
    feeling happy about wearing anything even if very seldom. it works all the time at least to allow yourself to buy