Saturday, April 20, 2013


A sure sign of Spring is seeing flowers.  The re-birth of plants.

I know nothing about gardening.  I consider it one of my future hobbies.  When I slow down, I'll learn about growing plants.

Last year, a friend gave me some bulbs and said, simply, "Put 'em in the ground."  I did.  A few months later I was shocked to discover plant-life growing.  And later, pretty flowers (here).  Funny how easy that was.

I was just equally amazed to see that, without any assistance from me, the same flowers are sprouting again.  I hadn't expected that; I thought they were a one-shot deal.  You gardeners can probably tell me what kind of flowers these are (I don't know) and whether they come back every year.  (I'm sure there's a name for that but I don't know it.)

Do you garden?


  1. Those look like they could be daffodils (there's another plant but I can't think of the name) and since they are grown from bulbs, they make an appearance each spring. Staunch gardeners dig the bulbs up and pack them away for the summer (I think) and then replant them each winter. They're so easy to grow and you can even grown them indoors.

    Its so rewarding to have flowers that you planted bloom. Congrats on your promise of Summer.

  2. They look like daffodils, but they don't have the trumpet part. Still, they may be a variety of daff. Flowers that survive and bloom every year are perennials. I only dabble at gardening, but it's wonderful when things just happen like that!

  3. You should pick up some Irises, they're pretty purple flowers and they rebloom similar to those.

    I'm in the "plant it, ignore it, if it lives, yay" camp.

  4. Daffodils! Yay!! They always come back to greet you first thing in the spring!

  5. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love having a pretty garden but really don't like fiddling in the soil. Definitely not one of my future hobbies!!! LOL!!!

  6. Daffodil or Narcissus. I have some that came from my grandparents house. I never dig mine up. Just let them die back after blooming and you'll see them next spring!!


  7. They look like daffodils or amaryllis !
    I absolutely love flowers and wish I had more time to dedicate to gardening.

  8. I love these! They are daffodils but just an unusual type! How gorgeous!

  9. I do believe that's a daffodil, and yes, daffodils are considered perennials (come back every year), though they may need some guidance to do so.

    I believed I had a "black thumb" and didn't think twice about gardening for most of my life. But then I went and fell in love with a gardener (as in, he gardens for a living as well as being personally passionate about it) and while I'll never have his gift and it's clear that there is such a thing as a green thumb—I swear my boyfriend is a plant whisperer—as you discovered, it turns out if you do what the plant needs, it'll grow! Who knew?!

    In any case, picking up just a bit of knowledge of plants from him has literally changed the way I see the world. Walking through the city and being able to identify various trees and plants makes it a different experience, one I'm grateful to have--especially at this time of year!