Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Giveaway

When friends call, I answer. 

A few months ago, I discovered a blogger who lives near me.  Her name is Michele and her blog is Short Girl, Long Island.  Michele just turned 30 and is looking for a job as a teacher.  She started her blog earlier this year and is trying to make it grow.  I decided to pitch in.

To attract new readers, Michele is doing a bunch of giveaways this month.  I'm supplying a gift for one of them which starts today.  The gift is one of those amazing china mugs made by Henri Bendel.

Go enter!


  1. Such a cute mug! Love the illustrations on it.
    I'm tagging you in this Christmas thing, yay!

    Here is the link!

  2. very cute mug! it's so alike one of your own giveaway you held a little while ago
    her blog is lovely indeed. I enjoy it a lot.
    Thanks Ally! you are a great person

  3. Oh boy, I love the mugs!! I'll head over now...

  4. That is so kind of you to do Ally! I will go check it out right now! :)

  5. OHHHH I love your post from yesterday

    so great.. this is awesome.. you are so creative!! love love love your new sassy GINA too!!! xoxo J

  6. I have that mug and love it. SO nice of you to help a new blog flourish.

  7. You are a darling ... that mug is so beautiful I keep mine behind glass.