Sunday, November 25, 2012


I like where I live because it's economically diverse.  My house is middle-middle-class and yet, within walking distance, there are mansions worth more than $1 Million.  The neighborhood also has several horse-farms and there's a polo-field nearby.

At the other end, here's the view of my neighbor's house from my back-steps...

What's your neighborhood like?  Suburban? City? Rural? Rich? Poor? Middle-class?


  1. I live in a very small town (700 people) in rural western Maryland. Nearest towns of any size are 15-20 miles away.

    1. Having lived in Taneytown (do you know where in MD that is?) for most of my life, I've decided we need to be friends now. So I'm following your blow.

    2. Hello!!
      Oh yeah!! I was born and raised in Sykesville. My mom lives in Westminster and I lived for a bit in the early 80's in Harney!! It's a SMALL world!! Off to cjeck out your blog!!

  2. We live in the middle of the city (2nd biggest city in my country).. and we luckily don't have the class society over here in Finland, (apart from some few rich peeps areas over somewhere) so there are all sorts of people in the neighborhood.
    x, Lara

  3. I guess middle to upper lower class, if that's a thing? I know a few blocks away is a rich neighborhood and a few blocks away is a ghetto with gang activity, so it's a toss up. Cities are weird like that, huh?

  4. I live in an urban environment...but we have deer, cougars and racoons! I live a stone's throw from $1 million+ Victorian mansions, a castle...and student apartment blocks. It's a mix. My city has mostly middle class - it's very expensive to live here.

  5. I currently live in the 'middle class' area of a very poor town. I pretty much grew up in poor-urban areas when I lived in Nashville. Right outside the city, with a known crackhouse on the street behind us (that eventually got shut down for prostitution of all things). I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but I do wish I lived some where that had a better economy/chance to succeed than where I live now.

  6. My neighborhood is so odd, on the one hand we're in a gate condo community and across the street is more low income. It's so confusing sometimes...
    Xo Megan,

  7. Haha!At least the undies are colorful? I wanna see pics of horses!!

    I live in a boring suburb, but it has its ups. We are on the Oak Park/Ferndale border, so there is a mix of families, ghetto-trash, hippies, and hipsters. There is one older guy who owns a horse and rides it around in the street. A lot of teenagers skateboard outside of my house, 20-somethings drive around blasting rap from their old, giant cars, and there is a group of kids who beat the hell out of each other with foam swords in the park across from us. There are Asians, Mexicans, Blacks, & Whites in our area, and almost everyone has a dog.

  8. I live in a small house on the suburbs of Tangier (Morocco). As we're not in the city center it's a more 'poorer' area. We have a beautiful view over the sea and can see spain when the weather is good. In Tangier there are gigantic sumptuous villas but also people that live in shacks with no electricity or water.

  9. Hehe loved this post. I live in middle class right on the edge of a low income housing estate area and that back yard could almost be mine cept we have a 'Hills Hoist' and my underwear isnt quite that big :-D

    We are inland Australia in one of the major towns out here (which tend to get further apart the further inland you go) and we are getting close to the edge of the desert here (tho my husband told me just this morning that there's still another 700km or more til you get to real desert). There's still plenty of trees around I guess and farms but there's more than a fair share of bright red dirt that gets into everything and turns it red.

    The types of people that live here? .... everyone!!

  10. My neighborhood is more or less middle class - but like you there are million dollar mansions not far from our house because we live near a lake and there are many folks who built massively expensive houses on said lake. And there are pockets in our town that are below middle class too, it's an older community so that happens over time.

  11. So your neighbors are being green! :)

    My house cost about 120K 8 years ago, and is about 220 square feet on one acre. I live in a 50's plat, where our houses run around 100-150K. (Median income here is 38K for a family of 4, I believe.) The plat has been expanded in the last several years, so there's McMansions going up to about 700K within a dozen houses.

    We're probably the rednecks in the neighborhood. Our house is constantly "in progress" and I'm not much of a landscape person.

    We have the best neighbors. They plow and mow for me while hubby is away. House sit and dog sit. We exchange cookies, etc. I love them so much, and will be sad if/when we ever sell.

  12. Kind of a mix. We live in a rental home in a decent neighborhood. Very quiet street with almost no traffic except for the people who live on our block.
    But we do have a neighbor catty-cornered to us that has some occasional issues and every once in a while you hear him outside yelling and then stomping off down the road with his suitcase. haha
    But just 2-3 blocks over are million dollar and up homes with water views or waterfront.
    I actually love our neighborhood.

  13. That is really cool that you live by mansions and not so mansion like houses.

    I don't what you would call our neighborhood. It is very residential but not far enough I guess to be called the 'suburbs' Then again i don't know the true definition of 'suburban'.
    We definitely live in a zip code where when you utter the name people think we are rich. But live in the 'poorer' part of that zip code so not what they assume. We primarily bought it for the school district.
    Our immediate neighborhood consists of 5 different house plans repeating itself but since it is not part of any association, all the colors and the yards very which is nice.

  14. I live in the capital, in an old northern part next to park. it's very awesome be in 5 min slow walking to subway (15 min. tops on subway to red square) and huge mall and at the same time in 5 minutes to a very calm village like living. I'm lucky enough with that as there are no alike places here

  15. Hey! Like you I live in a diverse neighborhood. It's mostly middle-class housing, but depending on which street you head down the houses can range from "lower-income"/attached homes to "mini-mainsons". It's nice having the different families and people in one area... I feel like I live in a community where people respect one another.

  16. I'm with you completely when it comes to living in a communicability that includes a diversity of income levels. The street (one of the longest in town) where we live these days has a lovely blend of everything from 30+ year old apartments to modern condos, classic post-war bungalows to a small golf course and a seniors only community nestled way at the very far end (that backs into the hills, making that end of it a one way only street). Interestingly, I actually lived on this same street many years ago, and was thrilled beyond words when we found a house here again, a mere block or so from where I lived in my teen years (in between I was living in Europe and then Ontario). It's a quiet, safe, beautiful part of town, and one that I feel very blessed to be a part of.

    ♥ Jessica

  17. It's interesting how this works out. I live in an apartment building with lower - lower middle class families in an area surrounded by upper class homes to one side and lower income homes to the other. The border is incredibly small.

  18. I live in the heart of the city, one of the first skycrapers built in the 70's.
    Around me are mostly old colonial homes that are being torn down to build horrendous hotels, bars and whorehouses.