Thursday, July 5, 2012


There are a few bloggers who sprinkle an occasional curse-word in their posts.  I find those words to be delightful, unexpected sparks of personality.

I, on the other hand, refrain from using profanity here for fear of offending you.  I know some of my readers are young hipsters who wouldn't be fazed by a swear word, but I worry some of my older or more conservative followers might be turned off by seeing it.

What do you think?  Would the occasional curse-word bother you?

That reminds me of a joke.  In New York, social interactions are sometimes brusque and strangers can be rude.  So, this is how you ask someone for the time in New York...

"Excuse me, Sir.  Could you please tell me what time it is, or should I just go fuck myself?"


  1. AHAHAHA! I love that quote. For some reason, I heard it in my mind with an English accent.

    I'm one of those bloggers who likes to cuss. I do it in real life, I do it in my novels, and I do it online (with the exception of my acting website, as it's geared toward a younger audience). The occasional curseword from you would absolutely not bother me. (BTW, I'm pretty sure you've cursed on your blog on several occasions already!)

  2. Heehee. I don't mind swearing. But I probably also fall under 'young hipster' category. My mom likes to tell the story about me being a young toddler learning to talk, and we lived in this apartment that had a front door that swelled in certain weather, making it hard to close. My parents weren't over-protective of their speech and I picked up on a particular habit of theirs and once kicked the door shouting "That Damn Door!"

    I know there are situations where certain word sensitivity is important, but I also feel like language shouldn't be demonized. "The limits of my language are the limits of my mind/world. All I know is what I have words for." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

  3. I don't mind occasional profanity, although I'm so trained not to do that you'll likely never read it on my blog. I had my mouth washed out once...

  4. I often swear in real life, but I've trained myself never to swear at work or on my blog. I think of who might be reading that I don't know about (like my nieces) or that I do know about (some nice ladies in a nursing home who email me periodically), and frankly, I have a big enough vocabulary that I don't need to swear to get my feeling across.

    It doesn't bother me at all when other people curse. :) Go for it.

  5. Ew, I had my mouth washed out with a liquid soap for acne. It was in a green bottle and it was some nasty stuff. I guess I deserved it after calling my mother a bitch. ;)

  6. I do not mind), this will not bother me)) I think the main thing is the content of posts, and "nice words" they just decorate)))

  7. I seem to naturally be able to keep my dirty mouth in check around my daughter but when she isn't in earshot it seems equally as natural to let the curses fly. Dunno what that is about.

    I think that if the words seem appropriate to the way you would tell the story if we were sitting together chatting - then they're okay for type, too.

    Love the quote :)
    New York - Home of "fuck you, you fuckin' fuck!"

    1. I've seen that last expression on t-shirts!

  8. My husband has the worst "potty mouth" so to speak of anyone I know, so I tend to not be offended by profanity, but I do understand not wanting to cross the line. I don't do much swearing on my own blog, but it doesn't bother me to see a few words on others.

  9. In real life, I curse like a boyfriend even called me out on my excessive use of the f-word, recently. But on my blog, I keep it really conservative...I think the worst I've ever dropped is a "damn" or "hell" on occasion. For me, it's just because my real name is associated with my blog, and I don't want employers to see me in an unprofessional light. That being said, I love it when other bloggers swear :) haha

  10. Swear away! If you say a word I've never heard before, I'll go look it up.

    I feel the same way about nudity: if I see something I've never seen before, I'll shoot first and ask questions later.

    But I'm an old broad who's been around the block a few times!

  11. Haha I haven't heard that joke before- I actually found New Yorkers to be quite nice (it's Londoners you need to watch out for!) I try not to swear much on my blog or in person, not that it offends me, just because it can sound low brow and there are so many wonderful words out there to use!

  12. hahah ... I think it is alright if it done in the sense of an true expression. Its not directed at some one but just your personal way to speaking your mind!

    ∞ © ∞

  13. I've tried to tone down the swearing online because I think a lot of people were offended by it (or maybe they weren't and they just honestly didn't like me. HMM!). I like sprinkles of cursing, but too much (like I think I used to do) gets to be a little off-putting. But somehow I doubt you're going to start cursing up a storm all of a sudden.

    Do you swear in real life? My mom HATES the word, "fuck." We can say anything else in the house, but fuck is off limits. I've almost slipped up a few times ("Fuuuuuu, I mean, ouch. Sorry, mom."). One time, she was repeating what someone told her and said it. I almost died.

  14. I think there's a time and a place for swearing...and I don't swear on the blog (I don't think I ever did!), but I sure do love to swear off the blog, lol!

  15. I don't mind reading profanities on other people's blogs. It shows a bit of their personality. I only use profanities every once in a while, usuaully to make a point. I don't swear often in real life either.

  16. I don't mind a well used swear word for emphasis.

    What I don't like is when every second word someone uses is filth - apart from anything else it shows a lack of imagination.


  17. Swearing was part of being a rebel while in high schoool - i almost never swear.
    I have never seen swearing look good on anyone. SUre it's funny and I do it around close friends - i dont mind other people swearing.

  18. I'm a word nerd. I love words. Especially colorful ones. No, I wouldn't get offended to see them here. When the kids were small, I never cursed in front of them. How do you teach a kid not to use certain language if you use it all the time? I use curse words more-freely when speaking than I do when blogging. But there's a reason for that. My Moms read my blog, and some other old and/or rather religious relatives. So, knowing that, I tend to censor myself. That being said, I don't use curse words nearly as much as the younger folk. And, at 45, I still don't use them in front of my parents! I guess that respect lesson was really hammered into me...