Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome To My Party!

Today is the big day!  The party!

These lovely bloggers have come to the party in spirit.  Their presence here is cherished by me and celebrated by all.  Check out their wonderful blogs and make a new friend.  Thanks for coming, everyone!

1. Here is Megan, whose coral outfit is amazing.  Megan's blog is here.

2. Baxter lives in Australia, which is as far away from me as you can get.  Rather than fly halfway around the world, Baxter sends her best wishes and a picture of her cats.  She assures me they are party-animals and will keep our party rockin!  Baxter's blog is here.

3. Mini is a nice young blogger in Germany who has been kind to me many times.  She dressed up in a lovely outfit for the party and is sharing it with us.  Mini's blog is here.

4. Mouse is a spunky young blogger in NYC who's fun and lively.  Her presence will spark the party for sure.  Her blog is here.

5. Sheila, who is Wonder Woman of the blogosphere, didn't disappoint with her special outfit for the party.  We expect a lot from Sheila and she always delivers.  Her (fabulous) blog is here.

6. Julia is an artist wth a fun blog that has interesting content.  Her party-outfit is sophisticated and cute.  Julia's blog is here.

7. Cassy sent a terrific photo for the party.  Not only is her outfit cute, her eye-makeup is impressive.  Next party, I'm asking Cassy to do mine!

8. I received an e-mail from Paige who is new to me.  Paige says she is transgendered and lives in California where she cares for her wife who has ALS.  Paige wore a lovely dress for the party.  Welcome, Paige!

Anyone else want to have fun?!


  1. Good luck Ally! I know that you will look beautiful and have a fun time. We cannot wait to hear how it goes :) And know that you have 145 plus people standing behind you today xo

  2. So excited for your big day. I am there in spirit, although snowed-in in real life. <3

  3. I've send you an email with a picture :)

  4. Good luck!! I'm so excited to see what you will wear and to hear all about it!!! Big Big virtual hugs!!!!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time and that the party is the one of your dreams.
    I realized that I don't really have any party clothes. Gosh, that says I don't get out much, huh? I will be thinking of you tonight and wishing you the best!

  6. Woo! Very excited Ally. Enjoy your day! It'll be awesome.

  7. Enjoy your party ... can't wait to see your pictures.

  8. I'll be sending you an email in an hour or two, I slept way too late this morning/afternoon. :)

    1. It has been sent! I've found that taking full body pictures of yourself is harder than it looks!

  9. I just sent you my email and I'll be posting my outfit on my blog shortly!

    Thinking of you! Happy party, Ally! :)

  10. Yay! So happy for you! You deserve a party where you can be your true self. Have fun!

  11. Yowza, Sheila is rockin' the party! Megan looks so elegant and I'm going to have to visit some of the new-to-me bloggers at this party.

  12. Have a wonderful time! How nice to see Paige attending, too.

  13. I was there ... in spirit ... but did not get to dress up as we went to meet a potential new family member.

    Waiting anxiously to hear the news of your party and see your photos. Hugz sweet Ally

  14. I have my picture ready but the cameras battery died on me and my charger is at work.... ill send it in tomorrow from work. Just dont tell anyone.
    You cannot imagine how happy i was to see this post, because it is obvious a lot of friends will be there with you-

  15. I wish I had been able to participate. I wound up being called in for an overnight shift. Can't wait to see all the pictures. :) So happy for you.