Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Love

Our connection to other bloggers varies in depth.  For many, we're mere visitors to their online display.  For a few, we're regular commenters and almost friends.  For a select couple, we're actual friends.

I've made the effort to meet a half-dozen bloggers in person.  Each encounter was tremendous fun and deepened our relation.  I now consider each of these lovely people to be real friends of mine.

Two of my favorite bloggers (one of whom I met in person when she visited NYC) have  been flirting with each other for months.  Their comments on each other's blogs are hilarious and amusing.  Both have a solid sense of humor.  Both are palpably affectionate of the other.  I'm speaking of Tracy and Ashley.

With a little planning, they just met in person!  In Arizona, of all places.  That's a weird meeting-point because neither of them live there.  Tracy lives in California (near San Francisco) and Ashley lives in some cold region of the Midwest.  Minnesota, I think.

I've been rooting for Tracy and Ashley to meet because I know how close they've become online.  They are similar in numerous ways and seem fated to be friends.  Real, close, good friends.

From reports, the meetup went well.  Both Tracy and Ashley posted about it with characteristic humor.  (The links are in their names above.)  You will be entertained by their posts.

If you've never heard of these special women, visit their blogs.  You won't regret it.  Here's how beautiful they are...

Meeting someone in person tells you reams of information you can never get online.  You quickly and instinctively assess who someone is from the many cues they give off.  I've found that meeting a blogger in person is essential to turn them from an acquaintance into a friend.

Are there any bloggers you'd like to meet in person?  Who?


  1. I'd love to meet another blogger in person. However my best blogger buds seem to always be the farthest ones from me. I'd love to meet Sheila, Keely, Megan E, and you, Ally! Hell, I'd love to meet anyone who I've spoken with through my blog because they are all fantastic people. However I will continue living in a blogger deadzone for a little while longer. Someday!

  2. I would love to meet all my blogging buddies! I've been able to meet one so far, and I actually might get to meet one of my readers soon -- I am excited about that.

  3. Everyone we have met through blogging we would like to meet! Tracy and Ashley are definitely top of our list :)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Lessee, you, Sheila at Ephemera, Megan Mae at MMD, Gracey at Fashion for Giants, Desiree at Pull Up Your Socks, Frannie Pantz, Terri at Rags, Tanesha at Girl with Curves, Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen, Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, oh, and many others whose daily posts and pics I adore, and that I'd probably just stare at in awe if we met face-to-face.

    But yes, it's amazing how online friendships develop, and you feel like you really know people you've never met in person. Maybe it's because no one at our own homes likes shoes as much as we do ;)

  5. Oh, there are too many to name. Of course, I'd love to meet you, Ally! I think I'd be most interested to meet the bloogers that I've had long conversations with through their comments (or mine). I feel like I've made some strong online friendships, but it would be lovely to meet other bloggers in person.

  6. amazing, isn't it, how you can feel so close to someone you've never met?? i had one blogger meet-up and thought it might be uncomfortable...but we got along as though we'd been friends forever. although i'd love to meet every "friend" in persons, there's a handful that have been with me since the beginning and it would be really special to meet them.


  7. OMG, too much hotness in one pic!

    I have several I'd like to meet.

    I want to meet Ashley and hear her humor in person and get her to show me how she perfected posing for the camera. She does it like nobody's business.

    I want to meet Doe Deere so she can do my makeup and pick out a dress for me and stroll around like superstars.

    I want to meet Jayme and Amanda from Miskabelle and tag along on one of their thrifting sprees. Their ability is magical.

    I want to meet Ash from Pink Beautiful Love so I can convince her in person how gorgeous she is and do a photo shoot with her.

    I want to meet Cindy from The Martha Complex so I can have lunch with her and convince her how beautiful and worthy she is.

    I desperately want to meet you and go shopping, get our hair done, get you to show me how to walk in heels, and mostly just give you a hug and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me all this time.

  8. Wow, they do seem like a great pair. And yes, they are both gorgeous. As for Bloggers I'd like to meet in person... I met you already (yay!!!) and liked you even more in person, if that's possible. I'd like to meet FuzzyGalore (aka Rachael) the ultimate biker chick (who is really a motorcyclist, but motorcyclist chick just sounds dumb). And Jess of Old Nichols Farm. Fortunately, I don't read many blogs or that list would be WAY longer!

  9. I have a solid group of bloggers I'd like to meet in person, actually! Most are in Canada, one's in Kentucky and if I'm ever back in the NYC area (which I hope to be someday, love that city), I would certainly want to meet you!

    Thanks for posting the links, by the way! Love finding new bloggers :)

  10. Awww what a sweet post! And how adorable are they?!? That's funny they randomly met in Arizona. :P

    Wow you have met quite a few bloggers, I think. I suppose it is easier for you to do so living in NYC.

    I've only met a few bloggers and those turned into friends. I flew out to Long Beach to meet my first blog follower, who was ten years younger than me and an absolute doll. And then I met two bloggers my own age right in my own town! Good fun. :) I wish I could meet more...there are a few close bloggy friends who I plan on meeting some day, if finances weren't such an issue. :S

  11. That's so cool - I love reading how people make friendships online.

    I'd love to meet all my favourite bloggers: Audi of Fashion for Nerds, Megan Mae of MMD, YOU! of course, Sal of Already Pretty, Kasmira of What I Wore 2Day...anyone who's in my neck of the woods! I've met a few local ladies, and it's been awesome. I do plan to come back to NY some day (I've been twice) and would love to meet up.

    Give me a shout if you're ever on the West coast!

  12. Thanks for the introduction to 2 new blogs! I've never met any other bloggers but I'm sure it would be fun.

  13. Aww, you are too sweet! The only component missing from our meeting was you! We'll have to plan ahead better in the future. All three of us in the same place, at the same time? Whoa.

    You're lucky to have met so many bloggers. I've only met other one, besides Tracy. It's weird: a few years ago, meeting someone you "met" on the internet would have raised a lot of alarm (at least among my family members), but now it just seems so common place!

  14. I would like to meet you, Ashley, Claire, and a blogger named Crystin. I think I'd get along with all of you pretty well! The funny thing is that the blogger I could actually meet up with would be Tracy (whom I don't know!), as I'm in the "near San Francisco area" (more specifically, San Mateo) several times a year.

    1. Tracy lives in Oakland. I described her location the way I did because more people know SF than that adjacent city.

    2. I would love to meet you, Kat. Any friend of Ashley and Ally? Are you kidding me? It's a no brainer!


  15. There are only two bloggers who I read that I don't know in person and who I would love to meet and that is YOU and Lidia (who I "met" through you!!!) I think we should pop over to Hungary and have some cake a coffee with her??? What do you think?

  16. How cool is that...
    I've only met two bloggers: you and Marie.
    I'd love to meet Sheila in Canada.

  17. Oh Ally! You are so sweet. You have really been an advocate for Ashley and me forever. I love how much you love us. And the feeling is mutual.

    I feel like I hit the jackpot on my two blogger face to face meetups. You and Ashley. I'm the envy of the entire blogosphere.

    I adore you!!


  18. It was about time these two gals met!! I'm so glad! Like you said - they are meant to be friends!! Many of you have touched my life - I'd love to meet you of course, Tracy, Ashley, Jenn, Leia, Wendy, Happy Kathy and many more!!