Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Like You Better On Facebook


  1. Funny, but mean. One of the reasons I'm not on facebook is how it distorts reality and our perceptions of relationships... I hope the enacting of stereotypical hotness is parodistic :)

  2. poet, the creator (and star) of the video is a female comedian. From that and her earlier work, I believe she's satirizing female attractiveness.

    The actual point of the song is exactly how FB "distorts reality" -- something important which gets obscured in FB's current ubiquity. As someone who remembers life before social media, I can see how this social development is affecting people and altering relationships. That needs to be discussed.

  3. Came to check out your 'relax' post and read the other one you wrote as well. Have you ever read 'The Nearest Exit May be Behind You" ? I took a class on gender issues and what you said reminded me of that book. I hope you have a relaxing weekend doing whatever it is really suits YOU.

  4. Hee hee! I LOVE this! And I'm not even on Facebook. I'm still figuring out Twitter. She's right, people do seem different online.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Even taken literally, I don't find the song or concept all that offense. I have some really great online friends - who I cannot stand to be around in person. Why? Because they're entirely different people.

    I have amazing friends who I love being around, but can't connect to online. And one's who I can talk to online, in person, on the phone. I think if you can communicate more effectively in a variety of ways, that's okay. You don't have to be "IRL friends" with everyone you're friends with.

    You're right, Ally. It does need to be discussed. But I don't think it needs to be eradicated like many people do. I think we just need to preserve our face-to-face time, and balance it with our new media.

  6. I just remarked the other day about how you can like people outside of work, but not like them at work. Again, like FB, they can be different people in different situations. I don't spend much time on FB except to keep up with family. I don't twitter because I am not interesting enough and don't have that much to say about what I do each day.
    I do enjoy reading blogs a lot. Sure, we may try to make ourselves look our best and can be nice on the surface, but I don't think anyone can keep up an act forever. I can communicate with a lot more people via blogs than I can IRL. Social media can be used for good or bad purposes. I try to be what I hope I am IRL - a nice person who tries to live a positive life.
    Thanks for sharing the video and starting an interesting discussion.

  7. This was funny - and yes there are some people I would rather avoid - so FB works for me.
    I use to update FB once a day - upload pictures and stuff. Now, I just update like once a month....and i confess I snoop around.

  8. That so funny and catchy :)
    Just found your lovely blog, new follower