Thursday, January 26, 2012

Assorted Goods

Two pieces of good news:

First, my friend Fuzzy (Rachael) announced today she is engaged to her beau, Kenny.  You may remember me talking about Fuzzy a couple of times -- she has a terrific motorcycle blog and she dared me to ride my bike while wearing a dress.  You all know how that turned out...  Fuzzy is also a great photographer and she let me post an incredible sunset she captured two weeks ago.  If you're inclined, you can congratulate her on her blog.

Second, I received a 2 oz. tin of caviar for Christmas and, tonight, I consumed it.  It was delicious.  I savored it with great concentration.  When something costs $3,900/lb., you eat it attentively.

I've never had good quality caviar before, just cheap roe.  The difference between the two is huge.  Cheap roe is overly-salty and has an unpleasant tang.  Good caviar is delicately flavored and, to my surprise, has a delightful buttery consistency.  I paired the caviar with a nice goat cheese and the two complemented each other like Laurel and Hardy.

Have you ever had caviar?


  1. Ally, it sounds so heavenly. Also, at that price per pound...I would feel like a million bucks! I wouldn't want it to disappear and get out.


  2. Congrats to your friends. She sounds like a wonderfully sweet person.

    I haven't ever had anything other than two types of roe via Japanese restaurants. I can imagine your tasty treat must have been amazing. I love goat cheese. Mmm!

  3. I have tasted both the black and orange variety of cavier. I must admit I don't know what the name brand of it was. All i know is that I can never forget the taste, the way to describe it is almost like little pellets of salty juicicles. It is kind of an odd flavoring.
    I can't imagine spending that much money on something. Its one of those things you consumed something very expensive, and it is all gone, yet you can talk about it...its a bucket list of goodness.

    Congrats to fuzzy. Just the name alone is adorable. Hope they have many wonderful stories to share with their upcoming engagement/wedding.

  4. I have always wanted to try caviar after reading "The Bell Jar" when Sylvia Plath was describing the flavor of it. There is a grocery store that I frequent that carries it but I have not tried it yet..I guess I should get some goat cheese? :)

  5. I have a love hate relationship with caviar, but that looks incredible!

  6. I've never (to my knowledge) had caviar. What I have had is calamari, and that stuff was delicious. Of course, I would have never tried it had I known I was munching on baby squid. Anyhow...

  7. I've never had fancy caviar - just the cheap stuff but I do love me some goat cheese. Congrats to your friend!

  8. I used to be PA at a company that sold spectacle frames and I did the lunches for board meetings and one of the standard issues on the lunch menu was stuffed eggs with a sprinkling of caviar on top ... I would definitely not go out and buy something like this but when it is served I will savour a tiny little bit.

    I am delighted to hear how much you enjoyed this special gift.

  9. Caviar scares me. The whole concept freaks me out. I'm very picky.
    Congrats to your friend!! :) I'm so happy for her!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I have issues with eating food that comes out of the water. Yea...I know...I live on an island. Its just weird.
    Congrats to Fuzzy! I love her pics of the her bike on the ferry :)

  11. I always thought I had eaten caviar a few times, but since it tasted icky-salty-seaweedy I may have had cheap or even imitation caviar (in one case, it was definitely an imitation made from seaweed, vegan, and sold at the Ikea food store ;). Goat cheese sounds like a good thing to pair with it, though!

  12. I'm a vegetarian, as you know, so no caviar for me. Now, that goat cheese sounds good though.

    What does caviar taste like? Is it fishy? Salty? Both?

    Best wishes to your friend. (It's "Best wishes" to the bride and "Congrats to the groom. Don't ask me how I know that. And I have no idea where it comes from, I just somehow have that information. I'm the owner of many useless rules in my head. ha)


  13. I've had very cheap and not very good caviar before, it simply was not my thing. I believe you that the high priced stuff is better, but no way am I paying that price tag.
    Congrats to your friend! Weddings can be so much fun.

  14. Dahhhling I adore caviar! Next time you're in LA let's do lunch at the Petrossian Cafe on Robertson!

    I had caviar NYE - it was on the hors d'oeuvres table and of course the first to go!

    Congrats to your Fuzzy friend!

  15. I have only had the "cheap" caviar. I was not crazy about it...too salty, perhaps one day I will try the "good" stuff :-)

  16. Oh, you had Ossetra from Petrossian!No wonder, you loved that stuff.
    Also unforgetable is Persian Caviar, if you once get the chance to try it. But I also love this simple Keta Salmon Caviar.

  17. That'll teach me not to read blogs for a few days. I was so excited to see Fuzzy's news that I gasped, and said yippee, and even got all teary-eyed. I'm so happy for them all. No, I have never had caviar.

  18. I had some and hated the taste, spit it out- so I am guessing i had the cheap stuff.

  19. *blushes*
    Than you all so very much for the good wishes <3

    I have never tried caviar. I guess I'm missing out!