Friday, December 8, 2023

Roaring Twenties

In 2019 I predicted (here and elsewhere) that the upcoming decade would be a rollicking, wild ride full of unexpected changes. I called these years "the roaring Twenties." Rarely have I been so right.

Just three months into the 2020s we suffered a global pandemic that halted everything, caused major disruptions around the world and killed millions. In 2022, Russia, a country in slow decline, suddenly invaded its neighbor Ukraine and was surprised to see the West unite against that aggression. Then, the next year the Middle East blew up (again). Also this year I lost my eyesight -- didn't see that coming.

Finally, in 2024 I became insanely uber-wealthy from investments in crypto. Previous naysayers on the wisdom of those investments started knocking on my door with a different attitude, asking to board my new private jet and 200-foot luxury yacht. Fortunately I'm able to afford security now to keep the hoi polloi at bay.

Yes, it's been a wild, crazy ride. :)


  1. You can jetset all over this crazy world! 🤪 lol These twenties have roared, but not like we expected for sure. Wishing you wealth, health and happiness as we head into 2024!

    1. Same to you, Megan. As long as we stay alive, anything is possible. :)

  2. My predictions for our roaring twenties were quite depressing...and as many times, I'm sorry I was right.
    The jet looks very cool!

  3. You look very dapper! Wishing you insane wealth in 2024. :D