Saturday, August 27, 2022

Jumping With Joy

Some women's clothing has male analogs, like shirts/blouses, but some does not. For example, no male clothing uses a halter top. The first time I wore one it felt very weird: its physical sensations were entirely new to me.

I'm attracted to women's clothing that is uniquely feminine in this way. The pieces have been forbidden to me since childhood. I've bent gender-rules with some things, like floral shirts and colorful neckties but wasn't allowed to wear more feminine items when presenting as male in public.

Jumpsuits. I find them interesting. I've never worn one and always wanted the experience. So when I spotted a cheap one in a thrift-store I thought "Finally! My chance!" 

Obviously this jumpsuit isn't well-designed and not really the right size but I'm WEARING it. That's reason enough to celebrate. 

Oh, and I painted my toes white 'cause I want to be like the other girls; that's something they're doing right now. :)


  1. Jumpsuits have definitely had a huge comeback this past year or two. I've wanted to try one often but I don't see them in shops, mostly online. I'm hesitant to buy much these days without trying on. I definitely admire the look on others.

    I think it suits you well (your colors!) But also your height.

    Love the white nailpolish with the black sandal pump. They really pop. White polish is a very fresh look.

  2. Right with you with regards to halter necks, jumpsuits and other uniquely feminine clothing Ally, a couple of others include off the shoulder tops and cut-out-shoulder tops.

    Glad you were able to find some Ally time too and a thumbs up to white painted toenails.

    1. Exactly. Those of us who didn't grow up cis- grasp this more than others. Thanks and best wishes to you, too.

  3. I love a jumpsuit, and totally get why you wanted to wear one. And believe me, I've seen far worse design-wise. It absolutely suits you, Ally, and yes to white nail polish! xxx

  4. What a fab look, Ally. A chic choice of colours that really work for you.

    I've not tried a jumpsuit - partly height, opportunity, etc - but I'm inspired to do so.

  5. I've always wanted one, and finally found one on a for sale rack outside a dry cleaning shop. Basic black, so now I'm looking out for something a bit more colourful. Release your inner Anneka Rice. (Jumping out helicopters fortunately not obligatory.)

  6. Such a great look, glad you found a jumpsuit! White polish (and black for that matter) is so chic. I have a black romper with tuxedo details I've been meaning to wear, just haven't had the occasion. Plus having to get undressed to use the bathroom is kind of a pain, LOL.

    1. Thanks, pal. And, yes, I've heard bathroom horror stories!

  7. Such an interesting take I never considered- the types and styles that are reserved just for women's clothing, like this jumpsuit or a halter top! Great callout. I love that you went for it here! Trying new things is the key to finding your style. And I love the white pedicure!

    New post is up!

  8. Love the color and your shoes!

    I saw cute shorts jumpsuits this season.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  9. When you go to a public toilet in a jumpsuit, you suddenly realise why jumpsuits are a pain. I feel curiously vulnerable when practically naked in a cubicle and that's when you're not contending with a mucky floor so trying to hold all bits of material in one hand so they don't make contact!
    However, I got over my fear and now own 5 jumpsuits (&3 playsuits- short versions) and I love the way they look!
    This one fits you beautifully- what do you mean??? Too loose, too tight? Too long, too short? I really like it on you. Is it velvet?
    Well done for fashionable toes- I've not painted mine for yeeeears now!!! Too lazy!
    I also love a halter neck. I always had a nice back so I always liked showing it in a halter!
    Kezzie x