Friday, October 15, 2021

Motorcycles and Glass Art Together!

Motorcycles and glass art -- the perfect marriage!

The Corning Museum of Glass is amazing. I've been there twice in the past two years. It stimulated my interest in glass art. 

Museum officials there are as hip as the exhibits -- they just allowed a motorcycle stunt-rider to ride an (electric) motorcycle through the museum, right past rows of fragile glass sculptures. You can see him wheelie through the museum -- using no hands! Although the video is 25 minutes long, the ride in the museum is shown during the last three minutes so feel free to jump to 22:00. Pretty cool. :)

Go here: Link


  1. OMG, just the thought of motorcycles going past all that delicate glass is terrifying!

  2. OH WOW! That takes some serious talent.

  3. I'd probably cover my eyes, even when I know none of that gorgeous glass art will suffer ... xxx

  4. Can you imagine the stress level of the artists who displayed their work there?? LOL I'm anxious just looking at that picture :) But so cool!

  5. I went to an art exhibition last week and a child was riding a scooter near my favourite piece, a glass sculpture, and I was so scared and stood by it as a sort of deterrant to the child! She was OBSESSED with going near the glass and her mum was going nuts! The artist was really stressed when I told her about it later (my husband said "Boo!" to me as I was examining it and she came over! It was the lovely piece in my last TT post. So pretty!x