Sunday, October 24, 2021


Do you wear a fragrance? What kind? How often?

In an effort to improve myself, I identify areas previously neglected and study them. One such area is fragrance. I've worn scents in the past but it's been a few decades since I last applied one regularly. I'm looking for an attractive cologne/perfume and wondering what others are using. Please share!


  1. My absolute favourite scent is CKBe. I love the smell and it smells nice on me (some perfumes don't). My music teacher at A level wore it too as I'd sidle up to him and sniff as it always smelt so nice! I still wear it on special occasions though not every day. I have a nice Lemon Verbena body fragrance I bought in France which I also wear too.

  2. Have you found one you like yet?
    I also like Clinique Happy!

    1. I have! Surprisingly enough it's made by pen-manufacturer Mont Blanc and called Ultra Blue. Citrusy on top and woodsy below that.

  3. Hello, Ally and all!
    My name is B (not really, but it starts with B), I'm from over the Atlantic and have no blog or Google account. I have however been checking and enjoying this blog for several months now and this is the time I must step out of the lurker shadows, because fragrances are SO one of my topics. I may or may not have gone slightly crazy during the last year's lockdowns and now may or may not own well over 50 bottles of various fragrances, most of them full size. Anyhow, despite my obsession, I wouldn't dare recommend fragrances to anyone, let alone people I never met, but just in case this brings some inspiration, here are a few of my current favorites; I'm mostly but not exclusively a floral girl at heart.

    Plus Plus Feminine by Diesel (which has three of my favorite things, lily, almond, and cream - that can't go wrong if you ask me)
    Oxygene by Lanvin (peppery in the beginning, which gives it a somewhat "dry" type of freshness, but it soon becomes oh so creamy and fluffy and airy and white musky and non-sickly sweet; plus, I love the bottle)
    Bloom Acqua di Fiori by Gucci (like Oxygene, this beauty was created by Alberto Morillas and is full of lovely spring-like light bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, lemon and sandalwood, gives me a true "meadow" vibe)
    Rose by Paul Smith (rose through and through, not the heady type and possibly too soft for fall / winter)
    Baiser Volé by Cartier (another Morillas (co-)creation, based on lily; enough said)
    Maroussia by Slava Zaitsev (a wonderful cheapie of a surprise, very soapy and powdery with some carnation, leather and lots of other stuff going on, definitely a colder weather type of scent, but oddly enough, not too heavy!)
    Muschio Bianco by Tesori d'Oriente (another insanely cheap and good "clean" smelling fragrance; other decent white musks are by Jovan or Mimmina)
    Sublime by Jean Patou (very "elegant," mixing green, floral and woody notes with soap, sweet citrus and amber)
    Dianthus by Etro (seems to be getting hard to find, but the lovely "real," slightly spicy, slighty sweet carnation scent is worth a sniff around)
    La Vierge de Fer by Serge Lutens (milky metallic lily)

    Some longtime favorites I never want to be without:

    Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder (an amazingly lovely floral arrangement centered around lily)
    Dune by Dior (sandalwood, peony, bergamot, ylang-ylang, rose, vanilla, tangerine - it may sound weird if you're not familiar, but trust me, it so works!)

    And I'd better stop here so this invasion of fragrance craziness doesn't offend (too much). :)

    1. Hi B! Thanks for stopping by and especially for contributing such valuable information. I'm intrigued by several of your suggestions and will check them out. Cheers!

    2. My pleasure, Ally! I'm Czech, from Prague, and my country has a centuries-long tradition of glass making, so recently it also pleased me to see your growing interest in art glass. If we ever get back to the point when it makes sense to travel for fun again, you should definitely come over and czech out some of our glass, both in museums and for sale. :)

    3. That's so cool, B! Friends of mine have been there and said nice things about it. I definitely would like to visit. I'll buy you dinner! :)