Friday, September 20, 2019

Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween. For decades it was socially-acceptable cover for me to jump the gender wall and wear girl clothes. I never missed the opportunity to create a fun costume.

My grumpy partner Robin hates Halloween. To entice her into joining me, I learned she will participate if I make us couple-costumes. In past years we've been Ralph and Alice Kramden (from "The Honeymooners," with me dressed as Alice), Max and Caroline (from "2 Broke Girls") and -- my favorite-- Colonel Sanders and a chicken. Pictures of some costumes appear below.

For this year I just got a bright idea -- to be the new "power couple" in sports -- hockey-player PK Subban and Olympic champion skiier Lindsey Vonn. PK and Lindsey were recently engaged and are on their way to celebrity super-stardom. They are now being covered by People magazine and similar media.

I created our costumes this week and now need a party to attend. Maybe your place?  :-)

Do you celebrate Halloween? What costume will you wear this year?


  1. I do not celebrate Halloween at all, to be honest, but aren't you looking absolutely fabulous in that third picture! That is simply sublime, Ally! You are a vamp! xxx

  2. You look so good in all of them. Like Ann above, I don't celebrate Halloween in any way, shape or form (always strongly disliked it from an early age) but I can appreciate the ingenuity of costumes that are not of a death theme! These are corkers!

  3. I love your creative costumes! You always do such a great job! Your spy woman outfit is the best, but you do make an eerily accurate Col. Sanders!

    I am not feeling Hallowe'en this year. Not sure if I will do a costume or not...

  4. You look great. Have you been able to get out of the house while dressed. Any of the three outfits would do fine.
    One of my first Halloween outings was in the late 1990s. I had a very nice blue dress that I matched with black hose and heels, a jet black wig, a black beret and I took along a cigar in case anyone wondered who I was emulating.

    PS: There were no stains on the dress.