Thursday, November 15, 2018

In Deep Water

I've never worn a dress like this one -- and, for me, that's reason enough to try it. I found this lovely item in a thrift-store at a low price ($10).

What do you think? I enjoy wearing it and wish I could in a more public setting.


  1. The shape of the dress really suits you.

    It almost looks like it could be a wedding dress. Great score!


    1. That occurred to me, too, but I was reluctant to say it.

  2. It is a little on the bridal side - I think it might be, or maybe a communion dress? Like Suzanne said, the shape is really nice on you - that drop-V waistline gives you curvy hips! And you look GREAT in a high neck, Ally.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Sheila. I learn so much from your comments.

  4. Beautiful dress that looks like it would be wonderful to wear. $10 is a steal.
    Even before I scrolled to the second photo with the praying hands I mused that this would have been a wonderful communion dress

  5. My wedding dress was the same length and same neckline as your super find ... it was however not white.

    You look so happy in this dress ... great find!!!!

  6. Definitely could have been a more "casual" wedding dress or for a White Party. At $10 it was a steal.

  7. I think this is delicate and lovely. I agree with Sheila, it does look bridal to me, and this is from a woman who has spent about 16 hours looking at bridal dresses in the last two weeks! Fabulous purchase Ally!

  8. You're looking stunning in this fabulous dress, Ally, and what a bargain! www