Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What To Do With Your Pumpkin

I used to feel bad about discarding decorative pumpkins after Halloween. This year I pondered an alternative fate -- and found one.

Pumpkins are vegetables. You can eat them! They're safe to eat raw but taste much better cooked. And cooking them couldn't be easier. Just bake them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. They taste like juicy zucchini.

Before popping them into the oven coat them with some olive oil and salt. I experimented and made two batches. The ones on the right are plain and the ones on the left were tossed with Tamari soy sauce and spicy hot sauce. Both were nice; I prefer the spicy ones.

Once cooked you can throw pumpkin chunks into any dish. They're also good topped with salad dressing. Pumpkin is healthy with practically no calories.

Have you ever eaten pumpkin?


  1. It is also great for making soup or pumpkin pie, muffins, name it!


  2. That's such a great idea. The insides of our pumpkins ended up in the compost bin. But we roasted the seeds!

  3. We usually end of making pumpkin soup, but your idea sounds very tasty too! xxx

  4. I love pumpkin! I didn't get any whole pumpkins this year, but might pick a small one up to make some pumpkin and butternut squash soup that I've been wanting to try this fall. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  5. I make a really good cream of pumpkin :) great you used it- i always question the use of food foe decor.

  6. Now you have me craving pumpkin soup! Thanks for the dinner inspiration. Pumpkin is so delicious this time of year!

  7. YuM! Yep. I love squashes and gourds of all kinds. I bought a huge acorn squash for $0.69! Most people were probably buying them as decor, but I tossed that in some maple syrup, honey, and a dash of tabasco and baked til delicious.

    1. So funny how people "see" and value things. Thanks for sharing.