Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Have You Ever

... applied makeup somewhere other than your face?

In my last outfit-post, I didn't realize until too late that I have a "farmer's tan" -- dark forearms from a lot of outdoor activity in male t-shirts. The arms contrast unpleasantly with my light-skinned shoulders and chest. I don't like the look because it reminds me of my (public) male persona, the exact opposite of the feminine appearance I want to create when wearing women's clothing.

So... searching for a cure, I'm wondering if I can wear makeup (e.g., foundation) on my arms. Is that allowed? Have you ever done anything similar to your neck, shoulders, arms or legs? I've heard some women cover up freckles there, so maybe it's an option.

On a related topic... this may seem odd but, someday before I die, I want to get a feminine tan-line: e.g., the kind you acquire from wearing a bikini bathing suit in the sun. Things like that plumb the depth of my soul.


  1. I actually think bikini tan lines are super sexy. I've used sunscreen with fake tan in it that just sprays on and they make spray on body concealer so obviously people totally use it!

    1. Thanks for the valuable feedback. I didn't know your name 'cause your link goes to an Etsy page but Sheila and Suzanne say it's Becky, so: hi, Becky! I hope you're out of the way of the storm.

  2. Yes, body make-up is totally a thing - they even make cover-up for tattoos! Go for it! I love Becky's idea for a fake tan-line.

  3. You can buy leg makeup so I'm sure you can use it on your chest too.

    I think Becky's idea is great!


  4. I TOTALLY use body makeup, especially for shoots! Sally Hansen makes a leg makeup in several different shades that is pretty cost-effective and has awesome coverage. I'll mix it with a bit of body lotion if I want to sheer it out, and then apply it to areas I want to even out! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. As someone who constantly walks into things, I'm no stranger to body make-up to disguise the bruises on my legs. I would never be able to go bare legged otherwise ;-) xxx

  6. Here is one class topic where I am absolutely useless. I avoid the sun completely . I’m sure you could accomplish this using a sun tanning bed but I would not want you to do that as it is too risky to your health.
    It’s interesting reading the replies so now I know the answer. Have a great week my friend .

  7. I’d probably be the last person to ask because I barely wear any but I don’t think it’s unusual at all to wear body makeup!! There’s actually a video about a guy totally covered (I mean HEAD TO TOE) in tattoos and he wears body makeup and it’s a total transformation. It’s incredible the advances in makeup over the years!

  8. You should see the "hacks" using make up to create cleavage. Plus Many many stars use body make up for contouring! It's just not as advertised as what you do on your face.

  9. Yes ! I've used make up on my legs to give them more colour. Also on my shoulders to add glitter.

  10. I'm not very good at this because I don't stay in the sun in bathing suit without cover-up much but yes, do it!!! Not tried the make-up on body thing but then I barely wear it on my face!