Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tim Hortons

Pop quiz -- Where am I?

Most of you know how fond I am of our neighbor to the north. I've visited Canada several times and plan to ride up there again next month to see Suzanne in Toronto.

Tim Hortons is a ubiquitous coffee-shop with thousands of locations throughout Canada. It is their Dunkin Donuts. Tim Hortons coffee has even entered the culture of the country, with customers ordering "Double Doubles" and everyone knowing what that means.

I'm not in Canada (yet). I discovered the single Tim Hortons coffee-shop on Long Island. It's tucked into a gas-station in Westbury. I'm here today on my way home from court to sample their wares.

Tim Hortons offers breakfast foods and baked goods but the star of their show is the coffee. It is excellent. The beans are mild like Dunkin Donuts but with much richer flavor. For those who prefer regular coffee to gourmet-blends (e.g., Starbucks), Tim Hortons' coffee is simply perfect.

While I'm only 15 minutes away from home, I feel like a Canadian right now. I'm rooting for a hockey team and plan to add an extension to my igloo.

Have you ever tried Tim Hortons' coffee?


  1. Adding an extension to your igloo and don't forget to tie your pet polar bear the chain or else it'll get loose and roam the neighbourhoods of Canada eh and scare the children! HAHAHAH

    We do love our Tim Horton's double double coffee. I actually drink a Regular because the sugar content makes my stomach rumble.

  2. I have not ever tried it!!!!

  3. Tim Horton's is ubiquitous in Michigan. There are at least three locations in my town, in the Detroit area. One, about a half-mile away, is my go-to spot when the power (and internet) are out at my house! Good coffee, yes.

    1. Good to hear, Pam. You live near Detroit? I visited my blogger-friend Sara last year in Detroit (Ferndale). We had a blast and I love the area. Will return -- and hope to see you then!

  4. I've never been to a Tim Horton's but I've heard such good things from my Canadian pals- they're obsessed!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. I believe you can find a few Tim Horton's upstate New York. As for Westbury, that is where I grew up. Back in the day that part of LI was wonderful.

  6. We refer to it as "Timmy's" up here! I don't buy coffee (unless I'm having brunch at a diner, but even then, our regular place doesn't charge us), so I confess I have never tried Timmy's coffee! What a bad Canadian I am!

  7. Ah, that is so perfect to have that spot so close to your work where you can feel a little bit of Canada.

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  8. Ha ha! Good luck on that igloo : P

    My personal favourite is their Old Fashioned donuts plain. They are like a cake donut. Yuuummm!

    I'm excited about your upcoming visit.


  9. Nope! I'm too far south for that. But when you fancy your way down here, I'll treat you to waffle house coffee!

  10. Sounds awesome but unfortunately we do not have them in South Africa. We were beyond excited when Starbucks landed here but I must say that I have not been impressed.