Sunday, November 20, 2016

Things I Saw Today

I braved the cold today and rode my motorcycle to a local museum for the opening of a new photography exhibition. The works include masterpieces from the best photographers of all time, like Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Dorothea Lange, Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon.

One picture I'd never seen before struck me. Created by Ormond Gigli, it displays 43 models in the windows of a building about to be demolished. Here it is, followed by photos I took of sculpture and a plant on the museum grounds.


  1. Everything looks amazing. I love the photo with the 43 models in windows. Such an interesting piece. Sounds like a great day!


  2. That first photo is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh, that Ormond Gigli photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love that 1st photo and the hugging statue! Glad you ventured to a museum and thanks for sharing your outing!

  5. That first photos is really interesting! And I love the gorgeous fall colors you captured in the last photo. :)

  6. I love it when you share you adventures. Is the bike in storage for the winter? I'll bet it's tough to give up the thrill of the ride for several months!

    1. I *never* stop riding! I ride all-year 'round. The only thing that stops me is ice on the road because of the loss of traction. Mere cold is not a problem. For three years, I lived without a car and rode everywhere on my motorcycle.

  7. Hope you have had a good week dear Ally!!!

    Once a biker always a biker come rain or shine!!!

    I LOVE that photo of the models and again the photos you share are awesome.

  8. I so need to get inside here one of these days. My friend I were here but it was closed when we got there so we were outside. Love your photos too! Must be nice to just zip around on your motorcycle.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  9. Beautiful pictures--love the models in the windows. And you are brave for going out in this weather on your motorcycle! :)