Thursday, November 17, 2016


My last fashion experiment was a failure. Which is okay; that's how I learn. My outfit went beyond sober and entered dreary territory.

To clear my palate, I'm returning to my core style -- colorful, playful and lots of leg. It's my wheelhouse. What led me to this was a brief stop at a thrift-store today on my way home from court. I spotted a cute mini-dress in Sixties-era bright pink with a red Eiffel Tower. Really, an Eiffel Tower! Comme c'est fou!

What do you think? Am I back on track?


  1. Hahaha, I love it! So spunky! <3 -

  2. YES!!! This is the bright sparkly person I know : )

    Love the dress!

    That last photo with the hat is wonderful.


  3. I love this dress! This is way more your style. Although I like the hat, it doesn't work with the outfit for me. Now, a red beret, on the other hand...tres chic!

  4. Awesome to see you having fun Ally!!!! That Eiffel Tower is super cute!!!! I agree with Sheila ... Would love to see this outfit with a beret.

  5. Yes I would say you most certainly are! And yes I would agree with Shelia a beret would look spot on.

    Allie of

  6. Wellllll, how cute is that dress with the Eiffel Tower on it?!!! I really love (and admire) how you've mixed the varying shades of pink and red (orange?) together. I never even knew about wearing these colors together until probably the last couple of years. I'm not very skilled at wearing this combination so you're providing great inspiration.

    1. Thanks for the words but I'm really experimenting without knowing how it will turn out. Sometimes mixing pink and red works; sometimes it doesn't. I'm just doing trial-and-error.

  7. So, so fabulous! The colors are so happy and bright...I love that! And the scarf is gorgeous. Well done my friend. :)

  8. Haha yes you are, what an awesome find, xx Bing.

  9. I'm loving the little spectacles!
    Such shapely legs.